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Collin’s Lab: USB Hacking with Arduino

USB devices are so common nowadays – wouldn’t it be nice to use one with your homebrew electronics projects? Equipped with an Arduino microcontroller + Host shield, pretty much any USB peripheral can be put work in your project.

20 Comments on Collin’s Lab: USB Hacking with Arduino

  1. Omg too awesome… I've been looking into this exact project

  2. wauw, nice music. Sorry misspelled stupid.

  3. The music is SO appropriate and not the least annoying. In fact the music is the reason why I have seen this video over and over again. Who cares about Arduino as long as the music is amazingly interesting… also it emphasizes the extremely high technical level of the video.

  4. Wow, you use a midi out, so it wasn't that hard

  5. Really cool one, could you please provide the code that receives the data when you push the buttons of the USB device?

  6. I have been trying to find something like this, to build a MIDI foot switch to control Amplitube3. I have a WAH-WAH, so it would only need 3-4 foot switches and really only need to turn on and off. Anyone got any ideas?? I've looked around, but no one seems to have anything like this. They have footswitches, but they control amps A/B or preset counters. I just want to build on/off. Thanks in advance.

  7. A Coilin could I talk you into sharing the arduino code I have a keyboard like the 1 you used in video and would like to try to get it to work with the dsp-G1 CHIP.

  8. Sounds like everything you tested was monophonic. Would it take any extra work to enable polyphony?

  9. ive that midi keyboard as well :)

  10. Collin reminds me of Dwight Schrute

  11. There is another way of using Hairless serial bridge and a pc inbetween, no need for the shield then.

  12. HEY!!! TREVOR!!! From GTA 5!!

  13. What would it sound like if you were to connect a device not made for MIDI stuff, say a mouse?

  14. I happen to have an old midi keyboard with an old midi cable , I guess I can do the Midi to USB with it? , or you suggest something else?

  15. Ahahaha a baby guitar (the fender) :)

  16. That's awesome. Now I want to play my analog synth with a video game guitar.

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