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Command Prompt Basics Part 1 (Windows 7)

Hey guys! NE0ST4R here giving you a short tutorial on windows 7’s command prompt basics. A lot of you have messaged asking for the basics; so I’m going to make a series of videos for you guys so you can learn as much as possible.

I will include links to the next video at the end of each video you’re currently watching!

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20 Comments on Command Prompt Basics Part 1 (Windows 7)

  1. Hello!..
    didt you know how to control audio level with cmd .And one more question how to hiden system tray like a sound icon with cmd? HOW

  2. wonderful teaching I like it, but where is your part2?

  3. how did you change the font in your cmd?

  4. how do u open the cmd prompt box????

  5. How to rename "Daniel" in Command Prompt ?
    How to tipe ?

  6. This sucks get a life fag

  7. Thank you for not typing this tutorial.

  8. takman the linguist, can't spell speech

  9. Never feel too intimidated to correct your teacher; They are quotation marks no matter where you use them. Computers often put weird labels on things but in this case it is what it is. Speech marks, although not incorrect, is just an informal way of writing it.

    My source -Wikipedia

  10. i type cd desktop and it wont let me go to it

  11. Thank you for subscribing! I'll try and be more reliable with videos after christmas time 🙂

    Stay awesome

  12. Tell you what, I'll google it research it and if its not too technical and involved I will make a video for you 🙂

    Thanks for commenting though buddy 🙂

  13. Thats good to know 🙂

    Just to let you know, they're only called quotation marks if you're quoting a source, another person or referencing pre existing text or speech. and as I was physically talking at the time they would be called speech marks. my source- A-Level English.

    Thank you for watching and commenting though buddy!

  14. works for me without using the speach marks…which are actually properly called quotation marks.

  15. Good lad defentlty worth to subscribe

  16. Hi there! Thank you for subscribing, commenting and giving me feedback! At least I know I'm doing something right 🙂

  17. Well done for figuring it out buddy! Most people usually give up when they make a human error 🙂 glad you got it working in the end 🙂

  18. keep up the good work man 🙂 you've got yourself a sub!

  19. ehh don't worry i misspelled desktop wrong i wrote "desktop" it should of been "Desktop" with the cap

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