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10 Comments on Computer Cyber War- Intrusion, Hacks- Why You Need To Update Microsoft Windows

  1. It looks like those attacks are mostly going to Missouri.

  2. Seriously, beware of Windows 10! It's basically the CIA/NSA's Trojan horse so it can spy on you!

  3. you should use a mac and eliminate 95% of all your hacking worries.

  4. My computer blocks the same things as you show. I get a monthly report on the 1000Plus hacker intrusions that were blocked. Thankfully I set up security and automatic windows updates, but I did do another manual update after your video yesterday. (Thank you for that!)
    I have no idea why anyone would want access to my computer I have nothing interesting on it. I am really a dull and boring person to watch. I don't do banking nor store anything of use to them. (unless they want pictures of my cats)
    The only thing I can think of is they might want to use my computer to route their mischief through.  
    Thank You Mary for keeping us up to date.

  5. Mary, is the window you are showing in this video an anti virus program you have or us it your computer? And where can I get the patch for windows. I started cleaning viruses off of my computer because I realized it was getting hacked through a couple of Trojan horses and my Antivirus I pay for hasn't been getting anything. It does scans and continues to tell me nothing was detected even running scans in safe mode so they cannot hide. I wiped my computer last night before bed amd when I turn it on today I want to download the patch 1st thing.

  6. Why you need to update Windows? More like why you need to get rid of Windows. 😉

  7. My mother in law had a huge list of hits on her PC too. She's not even actively seeking out info or anything like me. I think there are so many hits, they are indiscriminatory mostly. I mean, some big ticket targets maybe very valuable to them. But since they don't know which urls to target for the most part, they are just hitting everyone.

  8. My 5 year old HP Pavillion laptop running Windows 7 with an active Norton 360 subscription that had ran flawlessly the entire time I had owned it "crashed" (I believe HACKED) last weekend that just coincided with me getting a Java update that was required.

    Within an hour or two, I would try to type a comment like I am doing here and with the caps lock off, text began being displayed like; "THe thINg thAt….".  So my immediate thought was that with the Java install that perhaps it didn't fully overwrite the previous version and had maybe a corrupt .dll file or something, so what did I do?  Oh I made the mistake of rebooting my system.  Well needless to say that I am now typing on a NEW LAPTOP with 8.1 (that sucks…in fact I still miss XP, but that is another story).

    Upon rebooting (which it would do just fine), my Windows log in would NOT work.  BAM locked out of my own laptop.  So after having changed PW's, called my financial institutions to give them a heads up about any suspicious account activity, I lost MANY sentimental photos, personal docs, music, vids, etc…  WATCH YOUR PERSONAL COMPUTERS FOLKS…CLOSELY as Mary has indicated here because something tells me that we are beginning to see a major shift from big corporate hacks, to hacks on the everyday personal PC as corporations clamp down on cyber security.

    Now only time will tell as to how badly I had been compromised from what happened to me last weekend.  Bastards.  AND be AWARE of those damn Java updates because of that STUPID FLIPPIN MACAFEE BOX IS AUTOMATICALLY CHECKED PRIOR TO INSTALL!!!  ARRRGGHHH!!  UNCHECK IT, ESPECIALLY IF RUNNING A DIFFERENT ANTI-VIRUS TOOL!  I think that is what brought my defenses down. I USUALLY catch it, but this last update I think it got past me and installed that CRAP which probably took some of my Norton tools offline due to conflict.

    Just food for thought.  Now it seems running my new laptop, I cannot get a solid good (fast/stable) internet connection no matter whether I am hot spot with 5 bars and solid 4G LTE connection, or WiFi….Youtube might make it a few minutes into a vid and BAM there goes the circle loop and I have to refresh. Netflix (more demanding bandwidth wise) for some funny reason will run without a problem.  Sucks to be me, I WANT MY WINDOWS 7 BACK DAMMIT!!!

  9. hacked ours, took all our bookmarks

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