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Computer Tricks – Cool Game Tricks (Hack 1)

Im Going to tell you Cheat For Solitaire
Press Alt-Shift-2 and it sees that
you have Won This Game
You can say that you have one this
game before your friends

Open Freecell And Deal a New Game
then press Ctrl+Shift+F10
And click ‘Abort’ Then Try To Foul
then Click ok And It Sead that You Won!

3D Pinball “hack”
hello everyone I will tell you a fun thing you can
do with 3D pinball for windows
first pull up 3D pinball
now that you have it up type in
hidden test

6 Comments on Computer Tricks – Cool Game Tricks (Hack 1)

  1. minesweeper is not working

  2. @mpikostas he meant start

  3. bull shit hacker nube tube

  4. i have all those on windows 95. will they work on 95?

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