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Cool Themes for Windows 10 (Free)

These are some of the best free Windows 10 themes that offer cool visual changes to your desktop. Many of you have asked “What themes or wallpapers do you use on your computer?” In this video, I will answer that question and show you other cool themes for Windows 10. In addition to the basic themes that primarily include a gallery of desktop backgrounds, along with other minor changes, I’ll also be showing you system-wide themes that will dramatically change your user experience….

31 Comments on Cool Themes for Windows 10 (Free)

  1. The themes some of you have been requesting that you've seen in other videos on this channel are from the Microsoft Store. They are mentioned in this video… "Classic Shell" is no longer in active development, but still works with Windows 10 to customize your user experience… Thanks for watching 🙂

  2. Store say Bad Days…

  3. I love your nice voice! I shocked when i heared your voice

  4. but if i click on themes the settings will close

  5. Does the windows xp theme work for 1803?

  6. Love the way he says Chasms

  7. How do I get the new windows 10 icons tho?

  8. I have heard that using of thems are harmfull can any one tell me is it true or not

  9. How to get dark theme s

  10. Nice video man , i have done ✅ another video on my channel like this !

  11. Ohh like ????thank you

  12. if anyone is looking for a free live wallpaper app im just going to mention rain wallpaper

  13. did you read my last message if so help me show me how to have both screen showing the same themes

  14. by the way love your page ,,nice

  15. I have 2 screen running on the same pc ,,,so how can I have both screen showing the same themes,,,i download themes backgrounds but 1 screen showing 1 themes an 2 showing something diffent ,,,I want both to show the same thing at all time ,,help me

  16. How to make your own windows them

  17. I get my wallpaper ideas from Facebook

  18. themes? they just seems like a slideslow of pics

  19. Not really a themes guy, but with the end of the year right around the weekend from us… I wanted to pass long as really big THANK YOU for your many quality videos where I've found useful tools. All the Best in the coming year 🙂

  20. win98 plus themes all the way baby !

  21. Nice video. I personally prefer not to have a flashy desktop and just a simple black background.

  22. Classic shell is discontinued use open shell instead open shell is I GitHub fork if classic shell

  23. Excellent Video, keep up the great work!!

  24. I recommend ' Xwidget ' if you want Cool Widgets on your Desktop .

  25. Need a MS account to get themes from the MS store, I don't know why MS have done that, since it is possible to get other apps from the store without an MS account

  26. Most of Microsoft Themes are just changing the color and Wallpaper. Thats not a theme.

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