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DaVinci Resolve 15 Tutorial – Designed for Beginners

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Start making professional videos for free in 2018 with DaVinci Resolve 15. Learn Davinci Resolve, a powerful video & film editing program. This video tutorial will show you how to use Davinci Resolve 15, breaking it down into small lessons. Many topics are included in this beginners video lesson on DaVinci Resolve. Use the timestamps below to navigate to different parts.

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32 Comments on DaVinci Resolve 15 Tutorial – Designed for Beginners

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  2. This is such a great video. You delivered the content so well and so clear! Thank you so much!

  3. Awesome thanks for a great tutorial

  4. thank you for your time

  5. very helpful, thanks a lot!

  6. Thanks Jamie, I got started so quickly on this software with the help of this video.

  7. I'm not having a great day today. I just want my Windows Movie Maker, because it stopped working, and windows no longer supports it. These fancy editors are way too much fooling around. It's frustrating. I edit hours of content to try to make usable content in a 15 minute video. It would take days screwing around with this foolery for one video. Do you have any suggestions for something simple, and fast like Movie Maker? I don't like anything I have found. For what I do, this will not make better videos than Movie Maker. I don't need music, and eye candy. It gets in the way, and distracts. 1080p/30fps, and my work is all I need.

  8. this programme is shit i cant even drag and drop a piece of video without it cancelling itself

  9. I don't know why, but I suddenly can't drag clips JPGs, etc into the media pool shows a cancel icon

  10. I can not strech the picture or text to last longer that 5 seconds (i can not strech them at all)! Can you please help me?

  11. Thanks????????????

  12. People like you are the reason humanity is still intact thanks so much for a good guide 🙂

  13. Anyone made titles with DaVinci? Can it scroll slowly? Is there a plain, solid background for titles in DaVinci. In Filmora, I couldn't find one. Video Pad would not scroll slowly, even with a speed control.

  14. how to add sound effects

  15. Well holy cow. I''m getting back to making youtube videos after a long break, and needed new video software. I decided to give DR a shot, but it's so different than what I had before, I was lost. You in one video, answered all the things I was confused about in Resolve. Also in an easy to understand manner.

  16. I'm trying to drag a photo into the video on my timeline so I can have an inset like a photo on video or video on video but my timeline is not allowing me to add any photo or video????? Please help I'm so frustrated!!!!!

  17. hlo sir plz bring davinci resolve 16 Tutorial

  18. This is so great!!!

  19. I found your presentation of the selection tool and how to use a little hard to follow because it appears you click on the arrow, go to the end of the area you want to delete but you do not explain how you established the beginning point of the video you want to delete. Here in the middle of the video you are speaking at a very easy to understand rate. I am using your video and the problems I see in your presentation to self my teach myself how to better improve my own video. Over all this presentation is great. Do you have one on how to compose Lyric Music Videos. I belong to a band and we would like to edit our own band videos. Cheers.

  20. I clocked your rate of speech. It is about 110 words per minute. I would suggest you intentionally slow down to no faster than 80 words per minute so a new user can follow you. I am a new user coming over from Adobe. But a new, new user would have a very hard time with this speed of speech learning all the information you are presenting. 29 minutes at this rate of speech requires a lot of stop and repeating. This frustrates your viewer. 45 minutes is not long if the viewer is able to understand as you build their base of knowledge and confidence that they can operate this program

  21. your order of presentation for new absolute new users is not optimal. New users first need to know how to load their new media. Referring to already loaded media is not appropriate for a new user. Not discussing how to set up the frame speed etc is not good. New users need this information. So the start of this video is not ideal for new users. Just saying

  22. Hi there, thank for such a great video. I was hoping you could help me, or direct me to somewhere that shows me how to move clips around on the timeline. I have watched several tutorials, I've read the da vince manual, I've tried posting on forums I'm gettting nowhere. I'm using Windows, not apple, and the Da Vince manual only uses Apple keyboard functions. Whenever I try to move a clip to another spot on the timeline, it just replaces it… I know there is a simple way to do this, but I have just spent 40 minutes trying to figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Tania

  23. In the meantime I figured out that the Youtube presets or the h.264 codec which Resolve uses aren't so good so make sure that the bitrate is higher than the suggested.

  24. Does this software have a free and watermark free export?

  25. First step with DaVinci15, U the man I've choosen. Good choice : clear, cut and helpfull. thanks

  26. Very helpful ????

  27. Thank you so much it helps editing!

  28. This really helped me out!!! thank you so much! keep up the good work mate.

  29. Terrible platform. Poorly designed menus. Plus no one knows how to solve the Audio crackling and skipping issues. No wonder it is free.

  30. Took me a bit to catch up but really nice job helping me learn the software.

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