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DAW Hacking #3 – Tracktion 7 – Part 1

In this video we overview Tracktion 7. I tried 3 times to create this video, and it still didn’t pan out. I’ll make a part 2 soon. F*** COMPUTERS.

10 Comments on DAW Hacking #3 – Tracktion 7 – Part 1

  1. Hey u should check out Waveform 10 when it drops next month. I got 9 and its really good but the new additions take it to another level. A super creative approach i think modern beat makers r gonna love it

  2. Awesome..Thank you very much for your efforts

  3. How do you select time in tracktion?

  4. Hello good morning, a question, how do I make the loops synchronize with the program bpm ?, when I put sync-loop and elastique (pro) do not sync the loop with the program bpm, how can I make it sync ?

    I use tracktion 7
    From already thank you very much !

  5. tracktion is massively underrated.

  6. Nice job – especially for just "hacking it"! I have Tracktion 5 (bought it cheap a while back), and after watching this, am seriously considering upgrading to 7. Your name seems familiar, I'm guessing I've seen you around KVR forums…?

  7. What kind of mic and audio interface did you use for this video

  8. What a cool DAW. Really digging the elegant interface and very logical design and workflow.

  9. Hi there, great video! I hope new users find this useful as it's a good initial overview.
    One small point is that you suggest locking MIDI input properties or going back to the settings page to adjust these .
    You can actually adjust these from within the Edit screen by simply clicking on the MIDI input on the left of the track. Once it's selected, it's properties will show in the bottom panel. I hope this is useful to others.

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