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Defcon 21 – All Your RFz Are Belong to Me – Hacking the Wireless World with Software Defined Radio

Balint Seeber

August 1st–4th, 2013
Rio Hotel & Casino • Las Vegas, Nevada

18 Comments on Defcon 21 – All Your RFz Are Belong to Me – Hacking the Wireless World with Software Defined Radio

  1. can anyone tell me which board is best bangs for your bucks. I want to setup openbts for education purpose, and the rest is everyday use of sdr, e.g Sattelites, airplanes, radar… e.t.c   im looking at the b200 but there's an e110 selling for a decent price. thank you

  2. Awesome Presentation. that rainbow effect as you called it @51mins  looks to me as a cemtrailing plane. (they spray the sky with chemicals and it looks like lines across the sky. This is happening all over the world.

  3. That guy reminds me of Richards Hendriks in the Silicon Valey TV show

  4. This summer's 'project'? Build an SDR radio.
    DISCLAIMER: I won't be doing any of the scary stuff mentioned at 1:27:00!! Crazy terrorist stuff! 

  5. Balint is king of SDR!

  6. After the first 5 minutes of technical difficulties this video takes off.  Cool stuff!

  7. i didnt see starbucks time but beer time ;)

  8. 17:54
    Yeah, and I guess this is pretty much the reason why you got invited to speak. :)

  9. It cracks me up when a room full of hackers cannot get simple stuff to work. It proves they are human like the rest of us. I just ordered SDR from eBay for the incredible sum of just over £5.

  10. A event full of the best hackers and the poor speaker has to put up with this nonsense?

  11. And this is why I think SDR is awesome 😉 Still only rocking my RTL dongle.

  12. 12:36
    Nice 286. I wish I still had mine.

  13. 45 minutes is some of the coolest shit I have ever seen!

    He maps airplanes coming in and out of the airport via radio signals

  14. Can't believe this sdr talk hasn't popped up earlier. MR seeber what do you think of adc dds modules?

  15. i love the part at 15:15 too funy

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