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Delete Linux Restore Windows 7 Disk Partition Boot Loader Tutorial

Easy Step by Step Tutorial on How-to Delete Ubuntu Linux or any type of GNULinux and Restore Windows 7 Hard Disk Partition to full size and fix the Windows Boot Loader to remove Grub.
Go into Windows Right Click Computer go to Manage Delete the Linux Partitions Reboot with the Windows Install Setup DVD/USB
Go into Recovery and Command Prompt:
type in: bootrec.exe /FixBoot
bootrec.exe /FixMbr
reboot and it’s Fixed!
Windows is now back to normal as if thee was never a Linux Dual Boot on…

20 Comments on Delete Linux Restore Windows 7 Disk Partition Boot Loader Tutorial

  1. Installed linux beside windows.Big mistake i made.Now i have partitions  that i cant tell if windows reserved or are linux.If i remove the wrong one.Preferably windows reserved ones windows will give error on loading .Hope this helps me determine the correct ones

  2. Obrigado. Você me salvou

  3. I just want to post that this process work for Windows 10 as well. The only reason I came here was for the awesome voice accent. Thx

  4. Im uninstallinf kali because it always crashed when i ran it from my partitioned drive

  5. Windows are so stupid!

  6. I have a question. I bought my friends laptop which has ubuntu 14.04 LTS. thought it was the best thing in the world, but now I need to install windows 7. I have the Windows 7 Home Edition. And when I try to insert the dvd into the drive, it will load up to the Windows logo and just freeze up to that point. Can anyone shed some light? And I don't need smart ass comments about linux or windows or dual booting. This is a stand alone version of ubuntu with no windows on it. If you have a link you can share that'd be great.

  7. thank you help me out

  8. Problem is, I don't have WIndows at all…. LInux is primary, I wan't to install windows as primary again :/

  9. thanx man, good job. it helped me a lot.

  10. thx very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. whoah !!!! awesome tutorial man , what's your facebook id name ?????? i need to talk to you about some problem

  12. if i recover what will happens to my installed files in windows 7

  13. hey can you help me please my window 7 operation system is delete during Linux installation now I went to Linux recovery and it said sulogin root account is lock and idk the password I'm using kali linux please help me

  14. DA REAL MVP!

  15. You sir get the mvp of the week!

  16. Thank you so much ?

  17. Thanks! Worked for me 🙂

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