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Disable trackpad auto-click in Windows 7 – Lucid Nerd Tutorial

How to disable the trackpad auto-click in Windows 7. In this Lucid Nerd tutorial I will cover how to disable the trackpad auto-click / auto-select feature in Windows 7 including turning off tapping for laptop users.




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20 Comments on Disable trackpad auto-click in Windows 7 – Lucid Nerd Tutorial

  1. one solution has worked for me after all others have failed.
    probably because my laptop had outdated mouse drivers. and the touchpad doesnt have that function of tapping anywhere to disable itself. also no keyboard shortcuts. hope that helps

  2. Worked Great , Thanks..vm

  3. mouse pad is getting locked

  4. Unchecking Tapping corrected the problem with my HP Elitebook

  5. My auto clicks still doing crap in my computer

  6. The worst thing I've ever watched now i can't click anything because of your stupid video never again am I watching your videos and I'll tell my friends not to 2

  7. Thank you! I ve been looking for a way to stop this happening and this workes perfectly.

  8. thank you brother..
    you fixed my problem

  9. why i not have device settings in mouse properties ???

  10. Solved the problem on my Toshiba Satellite.  Thank goodness!

  11. Why is the default the worst possible settings? It is like they were trolling us at Microsoft or something, haha. Thanks for showing me where that was. I was just on click away but did not see it.

  12. muy bueno tenia el touchpad que se auto ejecutaba  y clickeaba y esta opcion lo desactivo gracias 

  13. i cant close it using your way~cause i cant saw the device settings~

  14. Thanks a lot. It worked. Great instructions.

  15. Thanks auto click was a piece of shit


  17. I love you! Was having constantly annoying problems while using Word… Happy Days Are Here Again!!

  18. What if "device settings" is NOT THERE?!

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