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DIY Solar Garden Light Hack – Solar Battery Charger

Make a solar battery charger using some dollar store path lights. Using 4 cheap dollar store garden lights you can make a very good solar AA or AAA battery charger for one or two batteries.

This is a simple solar garden light hack which gives you a decent solar charger worth about $20 if you were to buy it retail.

19 Comments on DIY Solar Garden Light Hack – Solar Battery Charger

  1. Do you have to babysit the charger, or will it stop charging by itself once it reaches capacity?

  2. here in the UK the solar lights you get in poundland have a tiny solar panel (about 250mm x 250mm ) and they have a small button cell battery that is rated for 20mAh, that would cost you $1.66 and you can get a reasonable sized lamp with 600mAh batteries in, they would only cost us 66p… and you get no sun in england…

  3. Nice video, i will try to do it too.
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  5. FYI to anyone who may copy this… If you build a charger without over and under charge protection you run a very high risk of damaging your batteries, possibly catastrophically. You could very easily start a fire or cause injury. The circuit this guy removed had those protection schemes in it.

  6. If i wanted to hook this up to a bigger battery to charge my fone. I seen videos from solar panel to charge controller to battery where would i put the diode? Or do i need to put one?

  7. You are joking right?  All you did was remove the led.  How is this useful?  There is not an infinite amount of storage in the world.  This is an example of useless waste of space.

  8. Where did you get the diodes from?

  9. Very cool. Can you tell me if the same diodode would work for 14.8v to 16.8v charger?

  10. Avoid solar lights 

  11. Can you get wire strippers at the dollar store

  12. If you ran those pos to neg and not neg to neg you will get much much more output volts so in short you wouldnt need so many panels. I.e. those 4 you have run the way i suggest would give you approx 10 or 11 v rather than the 3.6 or so that you have. Just saying. Have a good day.

  13. Not bad, except heat is not good for batteries of any kind. So I would probably put the batteries on the other side of the board out of direct sunlight.

  14. Ni-MH AAA max is 1200mAh, AA is around 2500mAh

  15. I just fixed a bunch of lights that I use at camp. Several of them work, but the rechargeable AAA batteries are more expensive than a new light.  So, the things are basically dead.  BUT THIS is a great thing to do with them!  All the parts work, but with the batteries costing more than $1 each, it seems better to just buy new lights and use the old lights to charge other batteries. AWESOME!  The design would have to be different here due to the fact that it rains whenever it feels like here!  If you have old lights and the solar panel is foggy, use 1000 and 2000 sand paper and toothpaste or head light defogger kit to make them work again!  Cleaning the contacts and such, I just resurrected 10 lights last night. And have the parts to do this! Thanks

  16. 11:20 , both batteries are dead, they have been discharged too low.

  17. where did you get the extra thin wire?

  18. I would have sodderd a diode between the plus of the batteryholder and the solar panels so the charge dont go back in the panelsnwhen the sun goes down ?

  19. So say you have about 100+ of these is there a way to turn them into a solar panel for electric to run a few light bulbs?

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