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DJI Mavic – How to enable debugging in Assistant2 (hack the Mavic, pHantom 4, Inspire 2)

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How to enable debugging in Assistant 2 for PC

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48 Comments on DJI Mavic – How to enable debugging in Assistant2 (hack the Mavic, pHantom 4, Inspire 2)

  1. I can not make DJI Assistant 1.2.4 which is a last one on the DJI website, I did not find the help of previous downloads, does anyone have the link? thank you

  2. unfortunately I don't seem to be able to find the older version of the assistant 2, (only 1.2.4). Any chance you could show how it could be done in the newer version please?

  3. Hello in what software you open the main.js file?  Is this also for the new Mavic air? You can also change the file in the new Assistant2 for pc. Download 7-zip and download the plugin to extract the C:Program Files (x86)DJI ProductDJI Assistant 2AppFilesapp.asar file and save it back to app.asar with 7-zip. Created a subfolder of "Formats" and copied the Asar.32.dill and Asar.32.dll files.Thanks in advanceGino

  4. Can u help me with a phantom 4. I cant change settings for altitude in dji assistant. What firmware is p4 to have and what dji assistant firmware also.. i managed to do it for my mavic but not for my friends p4. Cant change settings in debugger. Thanks

  5. Will the Phantom 4 NFZ parameter be modified, I find that the parameter is not the same as the mavic pro, please help solve the problem

  6. which dji assistant is this version

  7. I have P4 and version is 1.01.0602 but I can just see height_ limit and max height limit. Is it enough i just change limit height limit enabled 2

  8. any updates on this if it works for mavic air? and do these settings reset after an update?

  9. ı didnt see mai.js file
    why ????

  10. Not working for me, i tried version 1.1.2 and the file shows a main without the .js

  11. No main.js file in new version, need to roll back old ver. of dji ass.?

  12. It took me forever to find but little bird is going to 500 meters. Just need a safe place :O

  13. Is it safe to use this on a Spark? You rock, digdat0! Thanks for all you do! 😉

  14. It's the same for the Mavic Air ?

  15. Hello please man i need your help
    I just buy a new DJi mavic platinum but i have problem with NFZ how can i solve it? Im from Iraq some people are saying we can unlocked for you to fly with 100$
    Its too much for me paying 100$ for unlocked
    I want do it with by myself not paying that to much. Thank you

  16. Does this work for the phantom 4?

  17. doesnt work for me, the dev tools didnt open

  18. I've had a small issue with the front LEDs lights. The option in the dji go4 all under "Copter"…." Advanced Setting" is gone. The other 2 options (Camera Settings and Custom buttons) default to LEDs off when video is on. Dji wants me to ship it back. My question is, can I use debugging in Assistant 2 to change the option?

  19. I'm on DJI Assistand2 v. 1.0.9, and can't save the edited main.js. I do'nt have the permission to do so. How to I open the "editor" with admin rights?

  20. Does this method still working now? I got a lot of problems in doing this. First problem is,there is no a whitespace-character behind that"//". The field in my"main.js" was like "//mainWindow.webContents.openDevTools()".and i just delete that"//" then run assistant 2, the DevTool box did come out , I went into "Resources_Local Storage_file://" and couldn't find "debug"on that table. And the biggest problem is,the dji assistant 2 doesn't recognize my drone! i've try on two computers and the problems were same.I got the dji assistant 2 1.1.2 from your link below one of your videos, what's wrong with me! Help me please!

  21. Hi, I have a phantom 4 updated to the latest firmware (v02.00.0700). I have enabled debugging mode in Assistant2 I would like to know if I can change the parameters of maximum height and all the settings of my phantom that you recommend on your site without the current firmware (I use Android and even on my phone I have the latest version of DJI go 4). Does everything work quietly like this? Or do I have to install a previous firmware on the phantom 4 (which firmware)? Which version of the dji go 4 app would you recommend for making the changes to the dji assistent 2 software work perfectly?
    Thank you

  22. i don't have main.js

  23. how to cancel the low battery power drop

  24. Hi guys, I did everything step by step but can't get to debugging mode ????

  25. DJI Assistant 2 1.1.2 has just "main" no "main.js" anymore. Where can I get it with "main.js" ?

  26. Is there a parameter to slow down YAW movement in Sports mode? It's waaaaay too fast by default! ????

  27. hello guys i have 1.03.1000 version and after debugging, don't have the cg_config_limit_height_enabled line ? does anyone know, because i managed to change everything except this parameter thank you for your answer

  28. Will this work on a phantom3 advanced?

  29. Is this possible with the DJI Phantom 4?

  30. Does this work on the Mavic Platinum? Thanks in advance.

  31. The file main.js does not appear in the AppFiles folder. I've even made hidden files show, however there is still no main.js file.

  32. I dont have that Main js I only see package.js? why is that

  33. is anyone else having issues bringing up the extra options once changing debug value to 1 and opening drone menu?

  34. Dude u r amazing
    I really thank u alot
    From deep of my heart u r amazing
    I didnt use it yet but ill
    And i hope it can work for my dji the newest firmware
    Am really beginner excuse me if ill ask u alot of questions

  35. Can we disable the altitude limit ?

  36. what good is all this, if you dont tell us where to get the modifiable files …?? i have tried every thing you have suggested, and no luck, i dont have the right go app or the right dji assistant ….
    what you present here is old useless stuff that dont work on what is available today !!!

  37. Help pls i cant find in the parameters the limit height enable pls help

  38. I would never know how to do that I wish you had your own business I could send my Phantom into you and have you work on it

  39. Ive done everything as in the video.
    No problem to change any setting i want, all works fine.
    I cant set the max flight height higher….
    Cannot set the "1" to "2".
    Any suggestions please?????

  40. what about for the phantom3 pro ? how can i remove height restriction on that one?

  41. why can not I edit the parameters? can not overwrite the values!

  42. Hi, I am trying to do this in order to modify a altitude ceiling but Appfiles directory contains only app.asar, Hash.list and package.json files. Why can't I see main.js file?

  43. Hi, Is it possible to modify ascent and descent speed for RTH ?

  44. hi, not working with version 1.1.6. thanks

  45. Hey vood videos, im trying to get this to work after i click on app files there is no main.js there to click on. The only 3 options i have are app.asar hash.list and package.json am i doing something wrong??

  46. I'm assuming you have to change the debug value to 1 every single time you open up the DJI Assistant? My value is back to a 0 every time I close the program and open it back up. From the end of your video, it sounds like you have to change it every single time yea since it will go back to that screen every time? What a pain in the rear! lol. It should save itself once and be done with it hahaha

  47. where can we download the old versions of the firmware/dji assistant and android APK files? Is there a place all of the old versions are saved?

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