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Don’t Fall For Its a scam and hacks you’re snapchat account

Don’t fall for Its a scam and hacks you’re account (what is Haxsnap .com?)

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20 Comments on Don’t Fall For Its a scam and hacks you’re snapchat account

  1. Only snap account? Cuz I put my password in it… 

  2. That's probably why I got hacked. ThankYou!!

  3. It's to late for me they hacked my account so I just changed my password is that ok or do I have to make a new account

  4. i went his website so i could see my snapchats i had sent it asked me for my e-mail and password and ever since it has been send snapchats to all my snapchat contacts
    Saying i have hacked your snapchat when i havent.
    Even when i deleted my account it still sends snapchats from somewhere.
    And people are calling me a hacker when im not.
    Please could you help me

  5. Now they using .net is it the same thing

  6. omg a really good friend from me did this with my snapchat and i get a email with a alert what says sombody logged in with a divice named iphone 5 ….. so i made a new account

  7. Phew thanks BRO For Letting Me Know

  8. I put my username and password in it, is there a way I can not behcked or do I have to get a new account?

  9. But wait , my friends they are there for cases and sent me such a snap with '' OMG SLUT ' ' I don't know why but is it fake or do they really seen my photos? I doubt

  10. What if you just went onto the website and didn't type any usernames in? Can it hack you then?

  11. Does that site will bring my personal snaps outside?( to somebody else or something?)

  12. i opened snaps that had this picture?
    does this mean my account is hacker or do you first need to download haxsnap before its hacked? pls i realy need to know

  13. I fell for it I changed my password someone hacked me in Moscow and I'm in England 

  14. I got it from all my snap friends.. lucky i didn't fall for it

  15. it just deleted my last snaps i received and sent, still worried since my password was given away

  16. What if you searched a friends name but don't sign in with youre snapchat account, can I get hacked? Sorry for bad English

  17. How do you remove it??? Please help

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