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Double Your Phone Storage for Free

➤NOTE – This video is a joke, but I have switched to only making REAL tech videos, see some here ▶
This tutorial will show you how you can double your smartphone’s storage by manipulating the flash memory within it. Phone memory uses what is called Multi-Layer Cell memory, but not all of the storage is available by default. Here I’ll show you how you can add double the memory by activating extra flash memory layers…

34 Comments on Double Your Phone Storage for Free

  1. I did it and follow all the instructions but it didn't work why?

  2. directions are too hard fucked my step sister by accident

  3. I love this your tip on how to increase our phone storage space. thanks guy.

  4. dude your fake news XD

  5. After the memory increasing will I be able to get my phone back to the normal storage as it was earlier?

  6. The only reason I have to do this is because my system memory takes 7GB and I only have 8GB

  7. Wow this really works I helped me get AID's

  8. Omg it really worked omg omg i had just 10 gb tho thx for vid JOE!

  9. thio joe i hope you die motherfuck

  10. I have not read the description on the video because this was part of recommended video so I have clicked it because the title was so fascinating and really caught my attention hoping it'd be helpful, reading through the comments below got me giggly want to comment. and yeah after reading the description of this video, we all got fooled lols but I am not annoyed , some comments were harshly angry, y'all know how to smile or laugh even for minutes ? Btw, seeing the pan involved , lols that clearly tell you it's a joke. The intro is really seemingly to some science TV shows and yeah his voice is serious that's why some people took it seriously lols ????????
    Thanks for the laugh ????
    Your new 2018 subscriber here.

  11. some comments are hilarious ???????? deym

  12. Your space is 64 already

  13. Hahahahahahha, he says use common sense,1 second later gets a pan and puts his phone on it

  14. Is this how your mom got you
    Fucked a pan inserted a wire and stored battery energy in her vagina. Don’t know about the phone

  15. Since this video is a JOKE then DELETE the fucking thing you ASS!!! I hope someone slaps you with that fucking frying pan! Shit like this shouldn't be allowed on youtube!

  16. This video is a joke. I am IT professional.

  17. Just get an sd card only 15$ instead of fucking yo phone

  18. wow this really worked for me on my nokia flip phone. now i have 8gb of storage!

  19. Hey you really think every viewers are stupid.

  20. Alright everybody his videos are supposed to be a joke their not real.
    And he got 1Mil subs because some people like me find I it funny.

  21. It did not work!!????????????

  22. You Swept From A Baboons Balls ????????

  23. Tried it with 4 batteries on my 512GB iPhone and its now 2 TB, I am going to try it on my PC now.

  24. i cant understand the scientist

  25. Does the speaker necessarily need to be connected to a computer?…what I mean is can it be connected to anything else?

  26. Whats that bong lookin thingon your table

  27. Hi, what kind of wire can be used? a phone wire will work as well? Thanks

  28. Make sure you use fully charged batteries..I first used drained then used fully charged batteries and it worked .

  29. First Impression is the Last Impression.
    I watched your first video, and I can see in suggestion list your face expressions showing that you have all videos with joke.

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