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Dumbest Scammer Gets Scammed For 10 + GUNS! – Fortnite Save The World

This guy was going round my club on xbox and scamming people he didn’t just do it to these three people there was plenty more! So I do a legit trade with him to make him gain my trust, then we take 10 + items off him and give them back to my subs!

Would you guys be interested in a few collabs with other big youtubers? 😛
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23 Comments on Dumbest Scammer Gets Scammed For 10 + GUNS! – Fortnite Save The World

  1. i traded with him but t got his hole ivontory

  2. I am so sad because I voice scammed me and so then I went on YouTube and if anyone could help me I would be so thankful my username is savageforlife16 if u help me tell me u saw my comment

  3. People call me a scammer but they tried to scam me and I scam scammers

  4. 1:52 "i know the new zone is coming out in a few weeks" its 12/28/18 and its still not out……

  5. Dan7eh can I trade with you on save the world I play on Xbox one and my user name is infinityballer1 can I please

  6. can you please scam this guy I’m aheadfirebolt join me and I will invite him and I will leave the party and you scam him he scammed me for me mats and guns and I am in your group

  7. Pls bann him he scammed

  8. OmNom1983 and a scammer

  9. I got scammed for my inventory

  10. imninja0 scammed me for my whole inventory plizzzzz scam him or expose him

  11. I got scammed by someone in your club and I scammed him back ????????????????

  12. Good for a thumbnail

  13. I Love you bro ????????

  14. How do you have all of these grave diggers and one thirtys if you can only craft 106 es ???????????????????????

  15. Hi I got just scammed for my account I only have a 58 room sweeper so if you want you don’t have any guns you don’t want have it must be on Xbox

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