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EASY HACKING TRICK – The Rule of 6’s – EVE Exploration and Hacking Guide

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In this video you will learn a full proof way to increase your success rate and speed when hacking by using the rule of sixes to find safe spots and the system core.

The faster you hack the more ISK you make.

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46 Comments on EASY HACKING TRICK – The Rule of 6’s – EVE Exploration and Hacking Guide

  1. btw: if you get restoration node+virus supressor, close minigame and repeat

  2. dude is searched for isk hack… got isk anyway so yeah, thanks.

  3. This works great my hacking has gotten significantly faster with less fails now. Thanks!

  4. Probado en el evento Permafrost! Si sirve!. Gracias,
    Saludos a Xer Agatelu , quién tuvo la amabilidad de pasarme el dato.

  5. 16 mins for something that should take 2 minutes, i hate videos like this. get to the point already.

  6. Great stuff, been winging it on that mini game. Just when I was elite on the old way. They change it ????

  7. The lower the null sec, the higher the NPC levels are. IE, if you can handle bots in 0.9 sec, you will be ONE SHOTTED, FASTER THEN THE SERVER CAN HANDLE IT, by bots in negative 1.0 sec space. A helpful tip I wish these guys would just help us out with. Come on. Simple things.

  8. I've been playing eve since like 2008, but ive taken years off here and there. I'm not familiar with the astero or any of those ships, can someone tell me why the astero is so popular? I use a Buzzard as my exploration ship and I love it, I was just wondering if there was a reason for me to switch to the astero?

  9. When you say find something in a safe spot, does that include the tools or just the defensive/offensive subsystems?

  10. thank you ! exellent

  11. From what I know, don;t go into wormholes if all your running is a heron with t1 stuff and a few points into hacking/archaeology. You'll only have like 70 coherance and everything is like 80 to defeat and theres like 10 of them per hack.

  12. Nice vid. Thank man.

  13. That's kinda like playing minesweeper, smart.

  14. This is not 100% true. I ran into a hack the other day that had a supposed "Safe Spot" and it had a virus suppressor. After killing the supressor I clicked on all 6 nodes around it and the final core hack was not there. One thing I noticed is that the numbers that appear on the nodes not only tell you how far you are from a "Good Thing" or a "Mystery Item" but they can also tell you how far you are from the core as well.

  15. Much appreciated:D

  16. Awesome, thanks for sharing your kwnoledge

  17. “I watched streamers who stream themselves exploring” ThaTS WHaT StrEamERs dO?

  18. Can i use cloak with Alpha clone status???

  19. Just to throw this out there, if you are committed to being a full time explo, you can scan down sites and wormholes with combat scan probes. This adds just another layer of hesitation for anyone thinking of ganking explorers when then see combat probes vs core probes.

  20. You never actually explain what you mean by, "safe spot".

  21. Um…it's Minesweeper…

  22. what local chat… WHspace doesnt have local

  23. so mainly use Wormholes to take our precious loots to Highsec? if going through Low should have more danger? thnx for the guides!!

  24. I get everything except where to sign in

  25. All I want right now is HOW DOES A PERSON "SIGN IN" ?

  26. thanks for the guide dude, helped a lot!

  27. Sometimes this doesn’t work

  28. It was amazing . Thankyou man , i had hard time in hacking , because without these rules i was randomly running through them and failing many .

  29. nice vid, gonna defo try that cheers for the info. got yourself a new sub 🙂

  30. I'd love to work with you in game. I took a few years off eve and a lot has changed. I'm back, but holy hell I didn't realize how amazing it has become.

  31. Pro Tip 😀 Right click your Data/Relic Analyzer, set Auto Repeat OFF. So whenever you fail a hack you dont have to wait for cycle to finish.

  32. this trick helped me clear a ghost site 😀

  33. Thank you for this! EXTREMELY useful!

  34. is this still working?

  35. I've been doing null-sec exploration part-time for a few months. Started with Imicus, and considering using a CovOps ship like Helios as opposed to Astero, as it's cheaper and I have the CovOps skill to 4 so I think the scanning bonus is better. Also faster recloak time. Is this a good idea or is there another reason Astero would be the better choice?

  36. It bothers me how few people realize you can use the wrenches as soon as you get them to have a huge buffer right away

  37. Easier said than done, I'm always trying to beat PL scumbags to it.

    "Hmm.. 1 neut in local. BOIS GET THE CAPS OUT, READY THE FLEETS" fuckin' PL

  38. That's how you earn your Subs.
    New one here

  39. Excellent guide. I had no clue about these principles. Very informative.

  40. i am an apha player went into wormhole from hisec found about 2 data sites and 1 relic site and NO WAS WAS AROUND! i hacked in data sites too bad i accidently put civilian relic analyzer instead of real one.. so i left it. my first ever exploring :p

  41. The video starts at 1:50.

  42. Good to know.
    Quite lucky timing that I find this video just as I was starting to explore 😉

    Fly safe o7

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