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EASY’ WAY TO WIN GAMES – Pantheon Guide | Tips & Tricks – League of Legends

Pantheon Mid/Top Gameplay Guide Tips & Tricks In League of Legends. ‘Like’ if you enjoyed & want MORE ????
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43 Comments on EASY’ WAY TO WIN GAMES – Pantheon Guide | Tips & Tricks – League of Legends

  1. this champion is the reason i uninstalled the game

  2. Pantheon on mid & yi jg.. unstoppable gank

  3. 20 min : 100 farm : okay i'm gonna watch another guide i guess

  4. i have a question: when pantheon is using R the enemy knows where he lands or its hidden for enemy?

  5. thx so much this video helped me get a S+ on Pantheon and helped me carry the team a lot!!!!

  6. Screw Thunderlord's, Deathfire is where it is at. It just makes the Q spamming in lane phase so much more effective, which will get you fed more easily. You can't spam his whole combo in lane phase or else you'll be out of mana really quickly.

  7. Such bad pantheon gameplay though

  8. The positive and negative thing in the top looks like the nothing more icon lol

  9. I wAnt yasuooo plzzzz

  10. 1,2mld subscribes and have 5k likes xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  11. do ap pantheon. Thank me later

  12. u didnt talk about his passive. what abilities knock it off. can items knock off his passive like hydra ?

  13. the amount of ks by pantheon in this vid is too damn high

  14. Flash + ignite is almost ALWAYS better than flash + teleport on pantheon. If the enemy laner takes teleport thinking they need it vs a pantheon, then you have a big advantage in kill pressure in your ignite. Also because of your hard CC the enemy laner can not just up and tele bot from lane because you will CC him. Its very important as panth to stay aggressive, keep yourself warded, and not loose sight of your enemy laner so they can not tele out. Once you're into high plat area than taking teleport becomes more viable for team play. But I would say plat and down 100% flash + ignite for panth.

  15. would you get bounty hunter now instead of oppressor? or battle trance or double edged sword

  16. Pantheon Jungle <3 I am the jungler 😛

  17. get gold V with 70 % winrate pantheon lol

    he is just so strong early and make your enemy surrender at 20 .

  18. i wanna see Kled next of your video Red

  19. Go for flash Exhaust and thank me later

  20. Friendly tip Pantheon is really good @ lvl 2 & 3 ganks

  21. A Champion who uses Schimitars like our Protagonist from God of War (Kratos). No champions use a weapon like that but mechanics are already there in the game and It'll be interesting what kind of mechanics riot will give this champ

  22. Thanks for the video, I'm a beast with Pantheon now!
    Btw I use Berserker's Greaves boots instead.

  23. Like these comment if you are pantheon main 😀

  24. a new samurai like champ

  25. What are you talking about 3:05

  26. I want to see more samurais or ninjas

  27. how do i tell if pantheon is gonna use his stun?

  28. I want to see the reworked Yoric!

  29. Why the fuck do they never run out of his ult

  30. Pantheon Main over here , must say I 1v1-ed my friend who has double my wins in PvP, I picked Pantheon and ended 6/1/0 because he surrendered xD

  31. wy that ap in masteries

  32. i want to see ratings on all assassin champions that would be a cool video

  33. I want to see a champ with the mechanic of having x amount of this mechanic effects your abilities, for example if taliyah had rock stacks and her q threw more rocks depending on how many rocks she had, but it used up the rocks. It has always seemed like an interesting mechanic to me and something fun to play around and learn.

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