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eBay Tips and Tricks – How To Snipe Items For Cheap

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35 Comments on eBay Tips and Tricks – How To Snipe Items For Cheap

  1. Best video!!!! Thank you

  2. max what if paid the max 200$ and other guy paid his max 200$ as well then how win then ?

  3. I have done it all the time like this. Props on me i guess

  4. What about an item that has no bids on? Would it be okay to bid on something like that just p to keep the seller from removing the post?

  5. If theres 5 seconds left on a bid. Should I pay $1 more than the other person or my max amount for that item? And why?

  6. i wish i would’ve watched this like …. 5 minutes ago lmao

  7. I do not need to watch a video 3 times to know to set a high pay o…. I messed up a step bid on last second. Well now you know

  8. Thanks hope you are a live

  9. ????????????????????????????????????????????????

  10. So helpful I finally won a dress with this method:)

  11. This is helpful and simple. Thanks

  12. So be it????not do

  13. Why not put your max bid in early? That would stop the low bidding and if someone out bids you do be it because that was the max you were willing to pay?

  14. I don't understand why you would bid till the very last second. You could still put in a maximum bid at the very end

  15. or just use a sniper tool!

  16. this dude is way tooooo excited about this. lol

  17. I never lose. If I want it, I want it. There's no max bid for me. I wait until the last 10 seconds, bump my bid up to 3x's what the current bid is and hit CONFIRM with 3 seconds left. Never fails.

  18. So how do u know the seller will actually send the device or item?

  19. I bid 50 dollars for some used condoms and I got outbid by a piece of shit on the last second and now I’m here to seek vengeance and learn the arts from the dark side.

  20. Or just use auto-bit which bids in increments if there is someone that bid more than you, until it reaches the maximum you set.

  21. thanks for the video very useful for me

  22. So you are an eBay guru telling us to do what 90% of eBayers are already doing because they haven't discovered how to snipe lol!!!????

  23. Second time I've used this. Second time I've won the bid! Thanks for putting this together.

  24. This is why I dont put my watches in low starting auction anymore. Everyone gets really saby with this videos and selling in auction is no longer fair for sellers. Now I just put a high starting bid. If someone wants to start at that price I can sell. If not, Ill just keep my watch.

  25. haha if everyone uses this technique, then it ends up that nobody would ever bid on anything lol

  26. I get soooo mad because I lost bids every time in the last few seconds!!!!!!! I even cried……

  27. I followed your instructions and won my first ever auction (4 bidders in all). Thank you!

  28. So in this example if your bid is 200€ and you win do you have to pay that 200€ or what?

  29. My method is (don’t follow me children)
    anywho, my method is bid for item when it’s like 1 day left. It’s most likely someone will bid knowing that they better do it now or never.
    so when everyone is bidding, you wait until the last second. Then boom. You win.

    (I haven’t done this it’s just what I’m going for ;-;)

  30. I am so getting my daughters most desired Disney movie tomorrow now. I kinda came up with the idea when I saw the countdown to wait until the end, looked it up, and heard about "sniping".
    Now I'm a sniping mom. Badass. This does sound really fun to do though.

    Some mom in mid Western America has no idea I'm coming for her one bid ???? wish me luck.

  31. I say let’s not snipe because I lost a cool toy and somebody just took it. I never snipe because I don’t want to steal other people’s items so I say we all don’t snipe

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