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Edit PDF Documents For Free with OpenOffice – Windows [Tutorial]

Open PDF Documents
Edit PDF Documents
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35 Comments on Edit PDF Documents For Free with OpenOffice – Windows [Tutorial]

  1. For anyone who gets a failed warning when trying to install to OpenOffice 4.0 or later, go back to the page you downloaded from. Scroll up and you'll see "If you are using Apache OpenOffice 4.0 or later, you must use another version: PDF Import for Apache OpenOffice." Click the link and follow it to the proper PDF extension. Download as described in the video above and you'll be off and running!

  2. yeah extension is broke. Pointless video.

  3. Awesome video, thanks for the help !

  4. jesus christ 7 minutes wtf. just get to the point

  5. This video did not show me anything. There was no demonstration as to how to do each task. I did not enjoy this video.

  6. Okay, the video is very well presented. There are a few things. 1) I know what a PDF is and so does everyone else who searched for and found your video. 2) We are well aware of what happens when you try to open a pdf in open office. Why do you think we searched for this video? 3) most importantly, how the hell did you get your mouse click to sound like a freakin sonic boom every time you click? Did you hook it up directly to the microphone with a professional 10 gigawatt amplifier?

  7. It's awesome this tutorial works even to this day. (Though you do have to select PDF Import Extension for Apache OpenOffice 0.1.0 to get it to work with OO4.)

  8. Thank you. Very helpful.

  9. Thank you so much for the help. This is very good and easy to learn and to work also

  10. Outstanding tutorial. Thanks.

  11. used another version that I downloaded from extension site when the latest didn't work and it works like garbage. this doesn't work on the newest version of It's shit.

  12. I get an error that states, "loading component library failed" when I try to import the extension.

  13. Just want to add my thanks – great tutorial: straightforward and, most importantly, just the right amount of detail!

  14. The mouse clicking noises…. so satisfying. Nice touch!

  15. I have just installed/created the portable version of OpenOffice (ver 3.2) so this tutorial has been invaluable. I probably would have got there eventually on my own but your clear concise tutorial was much easier to follow and substantially less hassle, thank you.

  16. Thanks for the tutorial.

  17. This is amazing !!! Great Tool. I have been struggling to type in PDF files for a long time. Now, not only typing but I can edit the original PDF file too. Thank you so much.

  18. hey . whoever you are , I don't know but I just want to say a big thank you for educating me . you made my day . I now learnt something didn't know before. thank you again.


  20. Superb, works great. Thanks.

  21. It doesn't work anymore, still get gibberish.

  22. Thank you! This was a lifesaver. ????????????

  23. NOT working wit me. i dont get this one, it fails…

  24. Best ………really helpful, but you could talk more about as to whether this software requires any other software like java or something to open or install it on windows 7

  25. Doesnt work anymore, hasnt been outdated and gives a Library Error

  26. love the sound of your mouse clicks!

  27. installed but my cursor is not an arrow but a cross with 4 arrows. Doesn't do anything.

  28. Guys forget this crap, just use GIMP and forget this crap, really, Gimp does all. . .

  29. When I try to add the extension it says "The extension "PDF import" does not work on this computer". Im using my MacBookAir. Please message me with help.

  30. the text in my pdf cannot be edited and changed like that. 'PDF escape' seems to be the only solution to changing my hardcoded text. fuck

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