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44 Comments on Enabling WiFi Neworks In Windows 7 and Windows 8

  1. Thank you so much. It was very helpful.

  2. It's already enabled

  3. Internet signal activity wi-fi network

  4. The problem is i dont have any wireless network adapter option all i have is only Bluetooth network connection! What to do now????

  5. It's worked thnk you bro????

  6. Thanks alot .. its working

  7. thank you it helped a lot

  8. Thank you so much now I have Wi-Fi yay

  9. thank you bro you are the best

  10. Thanks this is very easy

  11. Yhi se to enable nhi ho rha mera

  12. thank u so much for ur guide its really halps..

  13. Really helpful thank you !!!

  14. My case, the wireless that I want to be connected, when i do the right click what appear is command to disable. And then i click diagnose (below that disable option) just then apply their fix solution, and the problem solved

  15. How to get wireless network connection icon 🙁

  16. I could give you the best kiss of your life!…some of medication I'm on for pain has kinda muddled my brain…….typing this took 10 min……..thank????

  17. thanks alot i never comment on youtube videos but this one was easy and helpful too thanks dude

  18. thanks, my loptop wifi is working now.

  19. Wireless option is not listed in change adapter setting,it only shows ethernet????Plz helllpppp..

  20. Thanku So Much Now My Problm solved Its Very Helpfull Video

  21. Thank u so much for the u.

  22. My windows 7 has no wifi but i can watch this
    can you guess how can i watch this video without wif?


  24. There is no option in adapter setting. Help.!

  25. BHAI jan ye trick window 8 me work kre ga???

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