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FAST MOBILE BUILDER on iOS / 645+ Wins / Fortnite Mobile + Tips & Tricks!

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1) How do I record / stream?
– I use the elgato HD 60 to capture gameplay and audio and I use the program OBS to create my overlay and…

23 Comments on FAST MOBILE BUILDER on iOS / 645+ Wins / Fortnite Mobile + Tips & Tricks!

  1. What is your sensibility ?

  2. 3:mobile
    Adam X Legend

    Ducky the gamer

    Roland GT

    Edit: thx Santa for hearting this

  3. Can u 1v1 me I think I'm a little better

  4. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  5. U are better than MARKOS

  6. How do u make the color on ur screen so bright?

    Plz reply

  7. Can I friend you my name is Laseca123

  8. How do you do these things your so good in fortnite

  9. You play like 15 hours everyday the fuck

  10. Your games is soo good like when I play mobile mine lags like crazy ???? yours runs smooth but I’m pretty sure it’s my enternet because my dad broke it the other day but yeah nice video and my gamer tag on Fortnite is FENDTKEEP GOING

  11. Love your stream brother

  12. Can you play on pc or on console?

  13. I killed u i am sorry????

  14. I am sorry dude

  15. Hey guys I’m pretty good at Fortnite Mobile please check my vid

  16. Santa last time I checked zoo I was better than you but now you re better than me

  17. Remember old days when we were so bad

  18. He is stupid he hacked my account and not giving back

  19. I have fortnite an a coolpad 3622a phone

  20. can i play mobile with you

  21. Bro u are ninja at mobile

  22. Wanna 1v1 brother? I think I’m pretty good I play on iPhone

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