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20 Comments on Fern WiFi Cracker (WEP, WPS, WPA/WPA2) for Kali Linux

  1. I'm using the USB boot option (live version not installed) and it shows up for my wireless and when I click on it , it says active. I know there are networks near me cause when I click on the WiFi networks available they show up. so confused on what's wrong :(

  2. This is for script kiddies, dictionary attacks have more style :P

  3. Hi don, i have a little problem. The Problem is that i dont have an interface which i could choose/take (wlan0 e.g.). My english is kinda sloppy so maybe i just dont understand what that is or where i can get it, can u help me there?

  4. hi, thanks for sharing this. I'm wondering can I use it with my integrated network card or should I buy Wifi usb like Back truck 5. thanks

  5. Ese comando no funciona en mi kali linux, qué puta manía con abrir todo con comandos, ábrelo desde la interfaz que para eso está.

  6. Hello DD30. Working for me on some of my neighborhood networks. Thank you for sharing this amazing tool :)

  7. How long would it take to crack these codes .. pff i don't have a good gpu yet.
    everyone in my neighbourhood has these kind of codes;
    1. Xhdj3RxCMjeeMMhHyAuD
    2. PqJTXfGd4K3RQfY3c3Dp

    i am curious how long it would take to crack this with a fast gpu.

    kindly regards,

  8. how to get dictionary / pins ?

  9. I started in Kali linux and I dont understand what is the VM beaucaus' i have the same problem :
    "no wireless interface was found"

  10. why does it says "none detected" ? i have a good amount of internet around my house..

  11. "no wireless interface was found"
    can you help me please guys?

  12. For me it says that no wireless interface was found?

  13. I hope you reply since I'm a n00b at this. How do I enable monitor mode?

  14. What would u recommend for mac?

  15. Hey! What version of Kali are you currently using? Because I'm using the latest one and it is causing me problems when I try to crack wifi

  16. Fern works, but It would take a couple days at least to crack AP's passwords using GUI's. Much more effective to learn the correct commands, and do it manually in the terminal.

  17. When I run fern and put my Wlan0 into monitor mode, it still doesn't detect any Networks. There are plenty of Networks within range and I have tried on a couple of different HP laptops. What can be the problem?

  18. +Don Does 30 How long does the probing normally take, cause mine just keeps getting stuck on it

  19. Hello Don, help me please.
    Im used Fern, and after stopped cracking, closed, and reopen Fern, the previously yellow (WPS suported) network now white. Checked with other app, like Wifite, etc… and these programs still marked that network(s) as WPS supported.
    Any idea? Thanks.

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