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FGO/NA – **How to play FGO on your PC** (Tips, Tricks, and News)

Ever wonder how Streamers / Content creators play FGO on their PC? Well the secret is out!

FGO/NA – **How to play FGO on your PC** (Tips, Tricks, and News)

Fate Grand Order Tips and Tricks FGO US Fate Grand Order US Fate GO US. This Video / Live Stream is for FGO NA Fate Grand Order NA Fate GO NA Content.

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25 Comments on FGO/NA – **How to play FGO on your PC** (Tips, Tricks, and News)

  1. Hey guys watching this video, After struggling to get FGO to work on PC using various methods, I have confirmed that with Shotgun Shogun's set up, you NEED Noxplayer version for this method to work. Any later version will NOT work.

    Set your emulator to unrooted and using it to mimic the samsung GT-I9506 mobile phone, reissue a new IMEI number and restart the emu.

  2. have you ever used a android game controller for fgo thinking about buying one

  3. ive been using nox for like a week now but this game isnt available on the store for me, when i look from a browser it just says its not compatible with my device (mind you, my actual phone is apparently not compatible either) any advice? or is it maybe that im from germany

  4. Works perfectly Thank you

  5. Do you still use this method?
    Also, you can't make any SQ purchases

  6. I know little about IT.

    That being said, my question is if I link my Google Play account to Nox so that I can play my main account from my phone on my Mac, is there any way that I could lose my FGO account on my phone if something happens to Nox?

    For example, FGO crashes on Nox and something happens for which I will need a transfer number. Let's say that I didn't issue a transfer number while playing through Nox because I have one from playing on the phone. Will the transfer number issued while playing on the phone suffice?

    If I am missing something due to lack of knowledge about IT, please explain it. Thanks!

  7. I actually just want to play FGO with dignity you know… I have a smartphone, although, it's a pretty shitty one (just a for you guys have an idea… it has 1gb of RAM, so it's kinda messy to play the game..). The game crashes every time, like for playing about 2-5 minutes it crashes….
    PS 1: even with that huge issue I'm already in 90lvl XD
    PS 2: I play the game every day since last year… yeah… I think I'm a fucking warrior just to play like that XD.

  8. Nox is not working anymore

  9. Hey can anyone help me clear something out for me?

    My question is this:

    Is it better to use all your quartz in one summoning seasion to get a 5 * servant? lets say you got 500 q and wanna try your luck, should you burn everything at once or can you like spend lets say a 100 q a day (becuse you have a ritual or something) and still have the same chance? I mean otherwise you will have to start at like 1% when you lets say go and buy more quartz. I hope that you guys understand what im trying to ask you. Sorry for bad grammar end spelling

  10. for some reason my nox doesn't has any sound can someone help ? i already put it on run as administrator

  11. Question, everything works fine for me, except I cant purchase quartz via Nox, are you guys able to purchase quartz while using Nox?

  12. So NA works but not JP? Makes sense

  13. How do you get it to not lag? Been having problems with that, have 8 ram so I figured I'd be okay.

  14. so do I have to re-download the whole game again for each extra emulator?

  15. Hey i am German and my Google Acc got a German Location. My Problem is i had to use a Fucking Apk and the Apk version does not start(sorry for bad english)

  16. 6:33 "because i ….. do not wanna lose my waifu"
    i reasoning to stay alive, im with ya

  17. Istructions? install Nox end install APK fate eng? finished?

  18. Question, does this still work? I tried doing it and it didn't work. Either there's another way or it's banned. Does this still work?

  19. Hey guys, just to let you know I tried the new version of nox( and it worked perfectly

  20. does anybody know how to re-roll in pc? the guides online tells me to reset the data through settings but i dont know how to do it in NOX. or is there a different way?

  21. Can you use the multi wondow trick to reroll?

  22. so memu doesnt work?

  23. Do you think there could be another setting that is causing to game to not launch? I've unchecked the root and set the phone to GT-I9506 but am still unable to play. If possible, do you think you could upload a picture of your settings on twitter or something?

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