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FileZilla FTP Client – Setup/Install/Use [Tutorial]

FileZilla is available as both an FTP Server and an FTP Client, although this tutorial. will only cover the client.
FileZilla is Open Source and available Free of Charge.
Support FTP and SFTP.
Supports Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac.

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37 Comments on FileZilla FTP Client – Setup/Install/Use [Tutorial]

  1. Could not detemine the target of the DragGDrop operation.
    Either the shell extension is not installed properl or you didnt drop the files into an Explorer Window.
    i need it fix in Windows 10.

  2. I'm amazed so many people are seeking for help but not even JAGTutorials or anyone willing to help … if your video can't help these people take it off

  3. getting an error "filezilla FTP client" has stopped working after accepting agreements .can any body help to fix the issue.


  5. i want to turn of my pc after installaing and lat my network drive do the rest is that posible? and do the ftp stuff

  6. free download fileZilla from hier

  7. Very factual and effective.  Thank you.

  8. Amazing, Simple and Clear thanks @JAGTutorials

  9. can you help to i have a problem regarding that….

  10. how to create a server witout installing filezilla client , i mean using only filezilla client .

  11. check mine it works perfectly check it out!

  12. Connection attempt failed with "ECONNREFUSED – Connection refused by server".
    how to resolve this?

  13. It doesn't connect. Server is refusing the connection. =/

  14. Great tutorial. Thanks for the help!

  15. HELP ME PLS!
    Error: Critical error: Could not connect to server

  16. I guess I should have worn my hearing aids, Volume was almost indiscernible.I think that is how you spell it. lol

  17. Great Tutorial and very explicit. Unfortunately, i couldn't locate the X drive. The problem is, how can i locate the FTP folder in my computer. Kindly explain how the FTP got to the X Drive or how i could locate it

  18. This Tutorial repeats the Setup of most all FTP Service and how can FileZilla make it so complicated I decided two watch FTP Tutorials all day its the same Tutorial that docent show the pages going two C-panel or Website Published next Tutorial is How two Upload you're website and lets assume most all FTP usurers are smart enough two download and open a program and maybe need help with the moving of files two Host and seeing them on sites

  19. Very helpful tutorial, thanks

  20. FileZilla is available as both an FTP Server and an FTP Client, although this tutorial. will only cover the client.
    FileZilla is Open Source and available Free of Charge.+ MNH

  21. Thank you so much! This fixed everything, I looked at every forum but none of them helped me, your video was AMAZING it explained every single step I needed! Thank you so much!!!

  22. My filezilla looks nothing like this…

  23. can u connect on no internet ps3????????????????

  24. Are you Stephen Hawking ?? 🙂

  25. your voice makes me want to die

  26. Wow I think I get this at last!! thanks so much for a clear tutorial

  27. Awesome tutorial man…keep it up

  28. critical error: could not connetc server why write this?
    where is the wrong?

  29. download FileZilla new version

  30. seaching for welcome message, please wait.

  31. When I select a site. The message log says

    Error: Could not connect to server

    Please help me on how to resolve the error.

  32. thank you for this tutorial!!

  33. Thank you for this tutorial! 🙂

  34. my cumputer wont let me get this :0

  35. Connection attempt interrupted by user
    what does that mean

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