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27 Comments on FileZilla Server Tutorial – Setup FTP Server

  1. thanks dude you save me

  2. do i need internet connection to connect to the server?

  3. Great video!

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  4. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. WORST CUSTOMER SUPPORT EVER. Upgrades not working, registration fails, not responsive, spaming my mailbox with automated messages.
    Worst of all – they ask me to upgrade, while even download link is not working. Those people are the worst software people I've been dealing with in my 40 years of IT work.
    Although program itself is not terribly bad, people behind it as just a nightmare 🙁

  5. Thank you so much for posting this.

  6. Set up your PC with a static IP!?!? OMG I hope nobody does that. For the security of your system, do port forwarding. That might be ok with Linux or Free bad but I highly recommend not doing that with Windows

  7. If I want people from outside my network to connect how do I port forward it?

  8. This is stupid. You’re hosting on your own pc

  9. Thanks a lot, you save my life!

  10. You just limited the connection to localhost, but I have laso created a connection between two computers between the LAN. The first computer with local IP and the client PC with IP address. IT WORKED.

  11. Are you chinese xD

  12. You could've mentioned that one needs to download the client also!

  13. thank you for making this video i'm using it for Stock footage

  14. At the bottom right of the Server window, there is a number. Is this the amount of total file bytes transferred? If so, in what time period? Thanks for a great video!

  15. Good video up until 2:40 when you try to access ftp server. You do not say how. You click on something off screen and don't explain how you got there.

  16. Great! Thank you!

  17. Is the computer always on so the server is available?

  18. Never seems to work……………………………..

  19. so if i create a website, and host the server myself…. do i need to have my computer powered up when i try to access the website from another computer? like if i need to host my own website, do i need to have the server computer running all the time? and if the computer isnt on, it wont connect to the website? im a rookie when it comes to this server stuff…..

  20. Nice Video Bro 🙂

  21. I like your video. When I installed Filezilla server on my regular computer I got Filezilla client to work but when I tried Filezilla client on a different computer but also on the same internal network I couldn't connect to my server computer. Any ideas why?

  22. How you got hsi window at 2:34?

  23. When I hit "connect" ,as you at 0:50, it says "could not connect to server and retries every 5 secs…what's wrong? what I shoud do to fix this?

  24. It would be nice to learn how to change the NAT settings. Have you done a video on how to access filezilla server externally?

  25. at the "…. now I am going to try to access the FTP server.." how to open and work on the Access to FTP server? it is on the FileZilla server file, I dont know which file u open to access FTP server

  26. Why did you not show what it´s all about, namely the official ftp address, and not only the localhost ???

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