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Free Up Disk Space/Improve System Performance! (Windows 7)

Quick and easy tips and tricks to free up disk space and make your computer faster!

Delete unnecessary files
Delete unnecessary installs
Clean out Documents Folder (Sometimes files are left over from uninstalls)
Control Panel, System and Security, Admistrative Tools, Free Up Disk Space (Click temporary files, recycle bin, error file dump etc.)
Defragment your hard drive as well (Don’t recommend 3rd party defragmenter)

I went from 20 gigabytes to 100 gigs following these steps.

20 Comments on Free Up Disk Space/Improve System Performance! (Windows 7)

  1. Thank you sir! I was too close to buying a larger ssd but this free'd up about 20+ gigs! Cheers to you!

  2. omai god THANKYOU!!! i now got 36 gb free on my laptop!!! #Respect

  3. almost 14 gb … thx man #RESPECT

    I had no space on my disk now i have plenty :3

  5. THANK YOU! I got from 11 gigabytes to 35 gigabytes
    Your awesome :)

  6. You are a gentleman and a scholar!

  7. i have 10 GB disk drive and its full of windows updates!!!!!!

  8. Dude…! You pc was really messed up! Cleanup usually can only free ~100mb! Anyway, i just can't get it how some people have 1tb or 2tb and it's full! Can't you download your stuff (like movies) and delete after you used it (or seen it)?! Or use dvds for movies…

  9. Use iOBit Uninstaller men because iObit Uninstaller lets you remove leftover files after uninstalling a program :)

  10. Good tutorial. Sadly this didn't help me though. It cleared up 66mb and I have a terabyte with only 600 mb of free space -_- I have no idea why and it's pissing me off

  11. it only freed up a little bit -not that much but thanks anyway

  12. Great tutorial. I was able to free up 177 gigs for my laptop. Just from the recycling bin and temporary files. 

  13. sasasasasasasasasasassas

  14. ssssssssssssssssss

  15. One time I was really mad. I had like 60 MB left on my computer o.o I deleted something and i only had like 50 something MB :I

  16. I already did dis before and its only gonna cear up mostly a lil bit of space! and u have 2 much stuff it doesn't seem like ur gonna clean up nun! sorry! :3

  17. A garrys mod download was 33 gb no prob 😀 jk i lied I could not sleep for 10 weeks

  18. see my channel for easier steps and ITS HD

  19. I want your background.

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