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Frostnite Tips & Tricks! 45+ Guide | Fortnite Save The World

Hey guys! How have you been enjoying Frostnite?

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38 Comments on Frostnite Tips & Tricks! 45+ Guide | Fortnite Save The World

  1. Main takeaway from this vid.

    1. You want to be able to keep yourself and your teamates alive for as long as possible.
    2. The Bluglo furnace can take a lot of abuse, as long as you are alive to deposit bluglo you should be good to go.
    3. Get into a lower level mission if you can XD

  2. Any tips on how to farm rusty me hanical parts always getting stuck on crafting stronger weapons

  3. Who whats to team? 😀
    I'm a level 38

  4. Chinese New Years rocket louncher is really gpod

  5. I got 1hour and 5 minutes

  6. Keep getting destroyed at 44mins them damn takers hit hard

  7. my hi-score : 7min 14s

  8. I just started and I'm power level 23. I can host and have mic. EpicID: Marko Blanko

  9. Try to get those speed launcher traps, they make your base practically untouchable if you have enough because enemies keep flying back and can't get past them

  10. Can anybody help me beat it ?at least to 45

  11. Is it me or every krampus i kill it doesnt drop stupid ass bluglow

  12. Constructor is also good because some of them have b a s e which helps a lot

  13. I just got 1 hour and 29 minutes oh yeah yeah

  14. I found that the monsoon pistol worked well against higher waves

  15. Need help to do it please my name is surferdude045

  16. Is your name really Whore House?
    You realise you can change a name for free every 2 weeks ????

  17. Good Luck with wave 50

  18. Any pro's need a low level player hit me up

  19. I’m need help if any one want to or can help look for dragonbeowulf

  20. Use 58 rpg pretty good

  21. I did it to 1 hour and 23 minutes haha

  22. It's hard to communicate when whenever I speak people are calling me a 4 year old

  23. God I need this. I cant get past like 24 minutes.

  24. Can somebody help me get 45 minutes I am power 38 and need good people

  25. Bruh i was playing by myself and got to 50:46 because all the 16 chest around the map i opened

  26. I need three more players to finish it

  27. My name is V125SR500

  28. Can you help me

  29. How r u an hour into it and the husks r only lev 59. When I do it 30 min in they r lev 114

  30. Please i need help

  31. Mi can’t even get the 45 min

  32. I want everyone to imagine this squad
    3.Aidan Harris
    Aidan with literally ever 130 in the game
    David with the OP trap tunnels
    A1 and Czecher with overall opness
    And yes opness is now a word

  33. I survived 44 min. Haven’t played it again yet.

  34. i got to 1 hr n 13 mins pretty ez jus need jack o launcher or trash cannon with Durability

  35. I’ll give you moonglow or rainbow Cristal

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