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Google AdWords Quality Score Hacking (Your way to the Bank)

Quality Score is critical to your AdWords success, it makes or breaks your profitability.

Intro – What is quality score (and why you should care)
1:48 – the components of quality score and a few surprises
4:28 – what’s a good Click-through Rate (CTR)?
5:05 – the advertisers with highest AdRank win!
7:40 – Bust a few myths about Quality Score
9:18 – what’s a good, bad an ugly quality score

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30 Comments on Google AdWords Quality Score Hacking (Your way to the Bank)

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  2. Really nice content man! Congrats for that 🙂

  3. Need your help on my adwards account

  4. Thank you for this tutorial. Very helpful and great audio quality.

  5. i understood half of what you said..but that half I'll put into practice. and oh, your a handsome devil.

  6. Hi, can i get this ppt to download

  7. Thanks Ed!! Been at this ads lark for a couple weeks now. Learning heaps and this video has really filled in my understanding around QS in particular, big time. Thank you! My current website is my weakness. New one comes January. So landing page experience, keywords, copy etc aren't that flash or tied in with targeted ads, which I do feel are spot on. Sooo I'm feeling a lot of my campaigns are better paused until new website launch. If I pause, rather than delete, awful ad groups, planning to revive and nurture them once those corresponding landing pages are tight, will that not hurt ???? my other ad groups or am I best to take note of them, delete (actually remove rather than just pause), and resurrect them when the time is right? Also what I have been doing is dissecting a keyword into lots of very targeted themes and setting up ad groups in a paused fashion. Do these impact my overall account QS? These two questions are pretty much the same. Last question; how quick does Google reevaluate my landing page and adjust QS? This is something I can do easily now but wondering how quick re tweaked landing pages help the QS situation. If you have time to comment, or you don't, thanks either way for great content!! ????

  8. Revisiting this after over 2 years (and with many people still viewing this video – thank you), being critical of myself I want to say I was a 'little' harsh on suggesting you delete all low QS keywords.

    There are circumstances – such as competitor brand terms – where a low quality score still works. In that instance, obviously don't delete.

    Secondly, a QS of 3 is passable if you work on the ad copy and landing page to try and lift a few places.

    QS 1 and 2 are still very much delete candidates but what I didn't emphasise here in the video is why. Why are they so low? If you can fix them and they have shown some positive metrics, then try to nurse their score upwards.

  9. Wow! Extremely useful. Very much appreciated.

  10. is it change day by day or once it will 9-10 thane it will not change

  11. Easy to understand even for me as a beginner! Want to run an adwords company now

  12. Fyi… Regarding CTR: Google has not released specific numbers on the elements that comprise of their Quality Score. I don't think it's wise to put out assumptions to the new beginners. If you're certified and experienced you know this.

    A good rule of thumb… treat all the elements of a Quality Scoring and Ad rank equally. You can never go wrong.

  13. How much do you charge to set up & manage a campaign?

  14. 13:17 – What if the client has not enabled Conversion Tracking? How would you calculate the ad score without Conversion Rate?

  15. Great one on quality score on Youtube thanks!!…info at 1145 is very important on single keyword ad groups

  16. Great topic to cover so please keep coverage on this topic ⭐

  17. We sometimes see that CTR for a specific keyword is about 10% considering the last 7 days, but quality score for that keyword turn out to be about 3 or 5. We don't see it all the time, but it does happen once in a while, what could be the reason for that??

  18. Great Video Ed! I just started with google adwords and have been researching around for the most informative content. This is by far the best I've seen!! Got a question for you… my quality score right now is at 8. I want to make it higher. I noticed my ctr is under 2% and my landing page is at average. Any suggestions to boost these up?

  19. thanks. So informative watched it twice.

  20. This is a fantastic and informative video. You covered everything I could want regarding QS. Subbed and planning to go through your other vids over the next few days.

  21. I see accounts where 25% of their budget or more is going to branded keyword searches. They already rank #1 organically fo their branded terms so I feel it's a waste of money…is it really necessary to pay for branded keywords?

    Awesome video btw, well spoken and explained.

  22. Very informative. Thanks Ed Leake.

  23. Great video Ed thanks mate 😉

  24. One of the easiest to follow videos on the topic. You should make a course.

  25. I am running a call only Campaign Can I optimize this to get a 10/10 quality score

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