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Google hacks OS X, Gemini Bitcoin Exchange, FAA fines drone pilot

Google’s Project Zero has now publicly disclosed bugs in Apple’s OS X; The Winklevoss twins are starting the first regulated Bitcoin exchange in the US; the FAA gives its first fine to a drone pilot.

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19 Comments on Google hacks OS X, Gemini Bitcoin Exchange, FAA fines drone pilot

  1. My name is Jeff.
    I was the original… Wow

  2. FTP bit coin regulations ? DUCK THAT 

  3. Thanks for the joke of Colombia… We did nothing wrong!

  4. I'm an OS X user and I think Google is doing a good public service by finding new vulnerabilities in OS X. The more scrutiny is put towards security, the better!

  5. fucking cunt linus retard bitch calling rc mulicopers drones, hope he dies in hell fucking idiot

  6. what next btc options? jesus then bitcoin binary options.

  7. Linus is ridiculously cute.

  8. "Did you get the tech news?"…..High Five…….."I can't believe you write this crap" XD

  9. I am surprised that Linus didn't know about the Winklvi and "My name is Jeff" things.  Then again its not like he is busy running his own business while working part time at another.

  10. I love the writer of this, and Linus executes it flawlessly, even when it's uber groan-worthy

  11. They are called TWINKLEvoss.

  12. How many freaking channles do you have?

  13. Apple needed to work on more under the hood improvements instead of focusing on annual minor feature and UI changes. They gave up on putting in a new file system for example which they knew they needed ten years ago. They still have periodic permissions errors that cause issues. They still have not updated all of their own software to the standards they push developers to meet. Also, they elected not to make drastic improvements to the security infrastructure as we all can see and instead just patch stuff when they get around to it without improving the underlying structure. After OS X 10.6 they went off the rails.

  14. THANK YOU GOOGLE!!!!!!!!

  15. Linus is so hyper in this video xD

  16. Yeah!!!! You're hilarious! 

  17. What the hell is up with this audio?!

  18. Linus still does NCIX videos O_O

  19. I left a like because the dumpster guy sounded quite pleasant.

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