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Hack Administrator Password | Without CMD | Windows 7 TUTORIAL !

In this video I will be showing you how to change the password for administrator or any account you have on the computer without knowing what it was before and without using cmd this works for school networks and home networks. If this video helped you out please like it, and Subscribe If you need help MSG me or leave a comment Thanks !

1) Turn On Computer
2) Log into your account
3) go on start
4) in the search write “lusrmgr.msc” (without “)
5) Click Users
6) Right click…

20 Comments on Hack Administrator Password | Without CMD | Windows 7 TUTORIAL !

  1. i strongly advise you dont do this u lose lots of data if u do save ur data on a usb

  2. Acces denied -_-

  3. That's not hacking

  4. i dont want to change the password, i just want to know it

  5. this says access is denied ..what to  do reply .

  6. U can only do this on admin account, he dont know what he talking about

  7. mmm i hav  a dbt whTS HE  saYIn abt SuM LttRS

  8. To those who get the 'Access Denied' problem. There is one other way . Open your cmd and type in 'wmic' then u hit enter. The next step is type in 'quit' and enter.. Then. This is the important need to type in 'del system32' hit enter then press 'y'

  9. access is denied BRO!!! BUT THX ANYWAY LOL  P: D:

  10. it says access denied

  11. can u give me ur mailid pls


  13. i cant do this aswell coz i have windows 7 home premium :(

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