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Hack Snapchat’s Snap Map (without jailbreak)

Snapchat came out with a Snap Map where you can see densely populated snapchat geolocated areas. This will let you spoof your location on an iPhone to wherever you want, and then upload snaps to that location so other users will see those photos without you having to physically be there.

Downloadable GPX file:

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23 Comments on Hack Snapchat’s Snap Map (without jailbreak)

  1. I can't download and save the .gpx file to be able to upload it to xcode. I can't copy and paste the text from the file and put it in a word document, and save the document as a .gpx either, it'll only let me do .txt (which xcode won't accept) but apart from that everything went well. Thanks for this tutorial 🙂

  2. is there a hack to see someone's location if they're on ghost mode ?

  3. Does this still work if I have iOS 11 updated?

  4. i signed into my apple id and its saying "no profiles were found" not sure what to do, please help

  5. You sir. Are a true hero!

  6. In Xcode all my the simulated locations are grayed out and my location is stuck on 'absolute'. How do I fix this?

  7. Im so pissed i have iOS 11 and this isn't working for me

  8. how do you reset it so it shows my real location again?

  9. i really wanna do this to prank my friends but i feel like it's too risky for my computer.. are you sure that xcode is safe and dosent give any viruses on your phone or computer? and also, how do you put the location back to normal after you unplug your phone?

  10. Can you do this with ios 9 by actually downgrading xCode? because my device doesn't support ios 10

  11. guys on android just download from google play store Fake gps pro and that that working

  12. how du u get xcode

  13. I just wanted to be in the middle of the ocean

  14. could i do this on my ipad

  15. I can't apply the sample gpx file to the project, any way to fix it?

  16. Why the arrow of GPS doesn't appear in the Xcode application?

  17. I noticed it doesn't work very well for individual coordinates that are not major cities, anyway to change this

  18. Is there any way to be more accurate?

  19. I downloaded the GPX file, but when I tried adding the file to the project, there was no screen that said finish and I was unable to find the file. Any way to fix this?

  20. can you make one for Windows because, it's pretty confusing for me

  21. Will the window version work? Is it safe

  22. Where is your windows tutorial?

  23. Can you do this for pokemon go? After the latest update pokemon go is banning people like crazy and putting red slashes through spoofed pokemon.

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