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HACKING a bike LOCK in 2 min or less!

LEGAL PURPOSES ONLY. Good for if you forget the combination.
The trick is to pull, tug and feel the gaps in the columns. Gap,Give is a win. with a little practice any bike lock is fair game. enjoy !!

40 Comments on HACKING a bike LOCK in 2 min or less!

  1. I have a cable lock for my motorcycle that I haven't used for a couple of years. I forgot the combination. I watched your video and It worked. Thank you.

  2. Thanks i unlock sec wow

  3. Had a lock that I didn't know the combo to, and this worked in about 45 seconds! Thanks!

  4. Shit,I guess I have a heavy duty one lol

  5. That is exactly the lock I had on my bike:/

  6. A lot of try for my bik like
    But waste


  8. KGB Survivalist, for the exact lock in this video, how do you RESET the combination? (I have the original combo but want to change it but cannot figure out how to.) THanks

  9. Thnx man, I fucking forgot my code.. smh Internet for the win

  10. What happen if it didn't work

  11. I am only doing this for my bike lock

  12. Lmao, it worked thanks

  13. And then all the likes is the security

  14. This is the guy who was looking for trumpturds to troll.

  15. This is a no name brand with a security level 0.

  16. Holy Crap!!!!! I was working a bike lock that was on a bike I just bought off a guy while your watching your video and it opened and surprised me!!

  17. so name expensive locks, I can't find any

  18. Wow my exact lock^^

  19. Tnx bro it actually worked

  20. We did this same thing as kids 🙂 Good vid!

  21. Thank you u helped me unlock my bike!

  22. yo that shit actually worked wtf

  23. My dad said I couldn't unlock his lock because he forgot the password and I figured it out and got 100$ thank you

  24. my husband found me a lock when on a walk. i figured out the lock combo and it has been good for short trips…however if i was biking to my job i would purchase a big technical lock to protect my bike

  25. Imma try this cause i found a bike lock on the ground and i wanna open it

  26. can someome dumb this down for me i dont get it

  27. Wow this guy is tryig to be crazyrussianhacker

  28. Good job! It works for me, i open my lock before your film ended. Thanks!!!!

  29. Dint work 🙁

  30. Works. I cracked the one that was locked on the bike I bought.

  31. Thank you so much man there is this bike down the street that has been locked up like some prisoner so ima go and free it and take care of it thanks again

  32. やったけど全然無理

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