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Hacking A Claw Machine For A Win Every Time!

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50 Comments on Hacking A Claw Machine For A Win Every Time!

  1. This is not claw machine hacks

  2. I don't have any money to purchase the Xbox for my grandchildren bye the way I love claw machines really hop I win your videos are awesome

  3. it sure would be cool if there was a way to hack Keymaster.

  4. well that was gay.

  5. How? Just tell me! HOW!?!?

  6. Roses are red
    Tuplips are blue
    I just got clickbait
    SO did you

  7. I thought you WON EVEY TIME

  8. give me that x box 1 plz I pray

  9. Omg, I've been there! ???? Isn't it the arcade at the Bowling Alley in Louisville KY?

  10. how does this crap video have so many views ????

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  14. You suck cyberbully

  15. thats not a hack bruh and evey time? not more like every time you will fail lol

  16. What was he trying to do

  17. Win every time? He won once out of 20 tries.

  18. I love it when women put the purse strap between their tits!

  19. Smh. Grown azz men playing a crane game without kids

  20. biggest thumb down ever. i never seen a video with 2k thumbs up and 2k thumbs down. pretty sad

  21. Sorry but they didn't win every time i don't care what side they played on. this dude is sad. Having to lie on title just to get views. He should be ashamed. The girl and other guy should be highly embarrassed.

  22. Those prizes are crap….a waste of time even if you're eleventeen

  23. Title should be 2 gay guys and there female friend.

  24. The cord was stuck on one of the things from the claw, which made it not work.

  25. Thumbs down this stupid video

  26. You guys were in kingpin lanes in Louisville my by dollar general and Louisville fitness club

  27. my sister did that before I'm like DONT DO THAT WERE GONNA GET IN TROUBLE LOL But I guess Not lleelel

  28. Just spend $50 and get $1.50 in toys?

  29. What a waste of my time this video had nothing to do with hacking the claw machine this is just bullshit!!!

  30. Opening content vs title
    = misleading first 2 hits missed ? Lol

  31. WHERES THE HACK??? You guys suck

  32. learn how to film dude, you'r shaking too much. otherwise good content.

  33. Awesome grab at the end I couldn't believe you got that plush lol

  34. not a win Everytime or a hack… try, putting it into maintenance mode;)

  35. how is this video even relevant to the title

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