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4 Comments on Hacking Folder Lock 7 Password 2015

  1. Are your instructions about opening Folder Lock v6.0 or is this another kind of Locker? If so, I need to know how do I open Folder Lock from my external drive. It's now 5 years since I forgot the password and, the bastards who made this shitty encryption software without a back up key in case a password is forgotten are not going to help me further after almost 4 years of frustration with them. They keep saying they the serial numbers and registration keys open Folder Lock if a password is forgotten. But in reality, it doesn't open it at all. I can't even transfer Folder Lock back in the computer so that I can try what some people say you can open Folder Lock in Safe Mode. Perhaps I will not get a reply on this one, would I?

  2. Just awesome…..Nothing to ….say

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