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Hacking Hotel WiFi – Hack Across the Planet – Hak5 2206

Sniffing open WiFi for unencrypted HTTP GET traffic reveals a captive portal privacy concern – this time on Hak5!

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46 Comments on Hacking Hotel WiFi – Hack Across the Planet – Hak5 2206

  1. No strippers? And to they get tips?

  2. Adobe doesn’t work well with WINE?

  3. Questions … Why awk and not gawk… Why awk and not grep… Why print and not printf

  4. I have successfully wasted 17:43 minutes from my lyf watching your video

  5. se my channel i upload hacking vedio

  6. hey what's that outro music?

  7. why "tack" when you mean "hyphen" ?

  8. Rich kid with nothing better to do than steal

  9. Just for your info what your doing is called theft of services. It not legal and most states it carries 10 years in prison. Enjoy your stay in our fine state facilities.

  10. What you exactly want to show???

  11. Great presenter!

  12. Man your script sucks

  13. I've stumbled into the wrong quarter of the internet. I think I'll leave now, but I'll be back. Baby steps.

  14. Don't use airmon-ng. Use makemon. You can find it on github. Much better for monitor mode interfaces and it automatically sets the interface with a random, but valid, Mac address. Don't use it with usb adapters unless the device can be recognized by the iw dev command. Otherwise, have fun.

  15. tipping encourages good service

  16. Seeing you tip here in Aus really hurt me!?

  17. Subscribed! You taught me about bash scripting tq.

  18. Next up Cambodia please

  19. What the fck are you doing dude i don't get a single thing ????

  20. Nice Dual Core reference

  21. Hey so you came to Australia and stole drinks and uploaded a video of you doing it!?
    Way to go, white trash ! k'off and don't come back.

  22. Love how I’m only in computer science 2 and this pops up in my feed

  23. My Google Pixel 2 bypassed the paid system at my hotel. I didn't even realize it was paid. It would just request the blank page, then go away and voila.

  24. Marmite > Vegemite

  25. In Australia; we can eat Vegemite straight from the jar. Time to man up, little boy.

  26. Nobody calls snakes nope ropes, they're joe blakes

  27. OMG I HAVE THE EXACT SAME METALLICA TSHIRT AS THE "invisable girlfriend that's not mine" at 8:59

  28. How would I start learning this stuff? I only know basic basic HTML web design.

  29. I remember using Windows 3.11 on 256mb of RAM. I've also got Adobe reader on Linux.

  30. Only figured he was in Australia when I saw Vegemite ????

  31. I also needed to go to Thailand…for a thing…..

  32. If you don't know why are you watching this .Hit that thubmsup

  33. I almost clicked off the vid cause I thought it was over in the middle.

  34. Hello please software wifi

  35. How do log a file?

  36. I'm back to this after a long time fomr it's original upload….man u need to make more videos. You have a wonderful and concise way of explaining things. You would be that teacher's class I'd love attending…thanks again! Please, make more videos. I suspect ur creating the next great thing, which of course I'm looking forward to!

  37. The only thing i understood was "she bangs"!

  38. do you use a WIFI adapter for this kind of stuff

  39. Your Linux piping skills impress me.
    Dude I also bought a surface 2 with the intention of using it maybe as a main travel machine.

    It runs Ubuntu 18.04 just fine dude. No need for windows on the metal. Why not windows in a VM?

    I also run started on DOS, it was amazing. Then wasted my life on windows until I saw the light and finally and permanently moved to Linux fully about 4 years ago.

    I dual boot to be able to play overwatch, because my laptop i7 doesnt support IOMMU, otherwise I'd try run overwatch in KVM.

    Since your piping is leet and you name dropped rubber duck, I'll check out your other videos.



  41. what pc are you using

  42. Bonus tip: dont need to tip in australia because we arnt stingy on wadges

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