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Hacking Minecraft Pi Edition

Minecraft is now available for the Raspberry Pi. Not only that, but it’s a hackable version that allows you to write scripts for the game using python.

Martin O’Hanlin’s blog –
Minecraft Python Block List –

Raspberry pi beginners guide –
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49 Comments on Hacking Minecraft Pi Edition

  1. Thank you your a money saver

  2. You make it way more complicated than it need be

  3. Can we reprogram the spiders' AI to do what we want them to do?

  4. The version of my childhood

  5. horrible tutorial had to keep rewinding you suck man

  6. I'm the 500 000 suscriber of your channel !

  7. Does this work on raspberry pi 3 model b

  8. Notch vs tinkernut vs SethLing vs the guy that is looking at this comment

  9. This is a plugin, not a hack.

  10. Minecraft in a pie edition

  11. How you are recording this?

  12. dude you make me want to slit my wrists just to watch them bleed

  13. i realize this video is old, however i am curious if you know a way to install the full version of minecraft to retro pi emu station? i have a legit account, but i dislike Minecraft's Pi limited feel.

  14. 1:23 OMG I Wonder Whats Behind The Blurred Thing? Is it a turtle,a ham sandwhich? You Fooled Me!

  15. my minecraft froze everything I tried this,

  16. I am saying this before the video actually really tarts, ODORS HIS WORK ON A MODEL B+?

  17. do I still have to download Minecraft pi at the beginning on the raspberry pi 3 it had it preinstalled

  18. You should call yourself gigafide because I saw your… pretty much everything like gigafide…

  19. how many blocks? an odd number that isn't a multiplant/dividant of 9? thats not an array. arraws need to have an even number(like i said, besides multiplants/dividants of nine, but i didn't add this: 1 can't be used twice.).

  20. Does someone know if it's possible to run and play the "standard" Windows version of Minecraft on the RPi 3 somehow?

  21. The pi-verse correction

  22. You could make custom maps using this

  23. quick fix any1? minecraft-pi: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

  24. yikes thats complecated :0

  25. The frame rate on this video sucks

  26. my hurts brain… wut..

  27. thank yow! by japanese proqramer

  28. Is there any reason not to use
    from minecraft import block
    instead of
    import minecraft.block as block ?

  29. Tinkernut why are you censoring the Raspberry pi logo?

    Time to play Minecraft.

  30. sry, i've never heard of raspberry pie lol. Forgive me senpai

  31. Minecraft is pre-installed on raspbian and ubuntu MATE now.

  32. you're not funny your humour sucks

  33. you're not funny your humour sucks

  34. For 1.8 desktop version there is a mod called "Raspberry Jam".

  35. Hey Tinkernut, I have a question I can run this on Raspberry pi running kali linux pls help thanks

  36. pythong lmao u mericans

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