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Hacking Router(TP-Link)

TP-link router hack using vulnerability.Use if you forgot your password and don’t want to reset router.And make sure you patch it.Subtitle is provided if you can’t understand what i am saying Switch it “ON”.

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46 Comments on Hacking Router(TP-Link)

  1. do I need, to know wifi password to perform this kind of hаck?
    I meаn how to connect to wifi without knowing it's wps pssword?

  2. Phone se yellow security tp link Kaise hack Kare without cannot

  3. I think you have to be connected via the Lan . Hack wont work through wifi.

  4. I have a victim to hack, I need her password to enter the router settings …… Will this video help me in this?

  5. Model : TL-WR841N is not working that way

  6. Could you explain how you did this step-by-step ?!

  7. Can I do it with windows 10?

  8. /rom-0 not starting download in windows 10

  9. My TP Link wdr7500 is in Chinese….I can change the script to English once I get into it but the default login won't work…it is admin/admin right…even for the Chinese ones

  10. hey pro, i using Kali linux and i can't install RomDecoder.c
    what is the command for Kali linux please?

  11. i can't download this file 'rom-0' help me please

  12. Brooo.. I have one of those and when I try to type my IP address and log in using admin username and password it doesnt work… My internet provider changed it.. I call them but they say they cant give the passweord to me… How can I crack the password… Nothing seems to work…

  13. depends on browser also ?

  14. this dos comm bro pls ya c++ comm

  15. Unfortunately when the screen is white you can't read the subtitles which are in white. 🙁

  16. Can this work in Windows 7 , 8.1?

  17. send me tutorial on my email…pliz…

  18. National Information Centre is ISP….

  19. is default gateway

  20. Do u know how to hack d-link router? i want to hack my dad wifi….

  21. will this method work on D-link?

  22. ty głupi pedale dlaczego to mi nie działa?

  23. plz add the link to download the files

  24. Can we do this in Kali Linux!!?

  25. bro i cannot understand wht u saying can u help me

  26. Sir Wonderfull Video

  27. hey athul you hacked my TP-LINK? follow me

  28. U are the king thank u so much this was so helpfull !

  29. this doesn't work for tp link routers

  30. bro, unable to download rom file what to do?

  31. Can you show us how to do a new one?

  32. can I hack TP-LINK TD-w8901N ROUTER ?

  33. es posible hacer desde una maquina virtual porque la rom-0 no puedo acceder a ese archivo

  34. this works with WR841N model? Thank you

  35. your first step is not working

  36. link to download the software for windows 8.1

  37. can u provide the software lin in hich u r typing

  38. you r showing the router which u r using and not the software is like that

  39. u deserve a dislike for wasting my time

  40. How do I compile files? Can you provide a resource to explain this process? Thank you

  41. program name pls

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