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Hacking the TV tuner and making DIY antena to recieve weather images from satellites (NOAA)

I want to show You very cool project-how to recieve the real photos of the earth only by using a SDR device (dvbt tuner with rtl2832u chipser) and home made simple antena.
The photos could be recieved from NOAA or Meteor Satellites.

The whole thing could be made using Windows, Linux or MacOS. There is available software for all that operating systems.

Whole project is very cheap (only 10 USD for the tuner) and easy. It takes no more than one hour to built an antena and cofigure all…

26 Comments on Hacking the TV tuner and making DIY antena to recieve weather images from satellites (NOAA)

  1. I decoded that little bit of the signal

  2. here we go agian dcoding the audio in the video

  3. Hi
    Is it possible to do it from other countries.

  4. Is this true????!!!!
    No idea!!

  5. hey …. to the guy who made this video thanks i been wondering for about 2yrs how to do this ill save ur video and cross refference it so i can come up with some other stuff … i was actually searching for how to make a fm radio into a noaa one trying to figure that out …. this is by far cooler though lol
    i knew this was possible with the software and the fm transmitter but i had no idea how to set up or use this stuff thanks for the breif tutorial cool stuff … i like using aweather program for linux but its very buggy i preffer the realtime data over the website lag times ….
    id like some indept help with some of the software if youd be willing id appreciate it … more about finding the signals to decode and more about decoding …

    what i really wanted to do one day if it was cheap enough is to build my own mobile weather doppler radar that would be a neat project

    oh diy guy check this out might be handy for you if you havent already found it

  6. so f-ing cool, good work

  7. Good, Thanks for information

  8. Thank you for the video, it will probably help me too. I have an antenna kit instead of a home built one.

  9. I have a iball tv tuner card. Does it work in SDR?

  10. where should be tv cable connected to?

  11. thanks you can help me for the antena

  12. Hi, nice Video. I am trying it right now, but i cant find WXtoimg. Do you know a similar program i cn use or a source for WXtoimg?

  13. Techniczne pytanie, dlaczego dokładnie 53cm długość ramienia anteny (spodziewam się że coś z częstotliwością, ale nie znam wzoru)

  14. Thanks for reminding me about those cheap SDR tuners. I wanted to get one few years ago, but totally forgot about it. Already ordered one. They have many cool uses.

  15. You should use antenna balloon as you go straight from 75Ohm coax to symmetrical dipole (assuming 300Ohms)

  16. Mate.. how.. between us dumb people there is you a God who knows how the shit runs and is able to build a antenna to pick up satellite..

  17. where are u from mate?

  18. thanks. amazing project!

  19. Your move flat-earthers.

  20. To na pewno Polak nagrywa, poznaje po wymowie Angielskiego i oczywiście po pomyśle takie rzeczy tylko Polacy są wstanie ogarnąć. Pozdrawiam i sukcesów życzę 😉

  21. Awesome stuff. I didn't know it would be possivble in the home environment. Thanks for sharing!

    Dobra robota!

  22. uhh! Did this yesterday, started listening to a really weird satellite now there is two black suvs parked in front of my house. help?

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