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Hacking the Windows Registry


Level: Beginner
Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy
Date Created: January 23, 2012
Length of Class: 23 Minutes

Computer Security /Integrity
Computer Repair

Basic knowledge of Windows system administration. (You should know how to reinstall Windows in case you kill your computer.)
Purpose of Class

This class teaches students how to easily modify the registry to enable and disable important Windows tools and change system configurations.


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20 Comments on Hacking the Windows Registry

  1. When will linux get a nice registry like windows?

  2. i like how freely you use the term hacking

  3. Seems like that last bit where he disables registry changes could be used to make a network of computers allot more secure. Whereas normally anyone could simply click on a link and compromise their the network of computers.

  4. Can any one tell my how to open regedit without admin password/Admin Verification
     as our school computers are locked 🙁 …

  5. Love this playlist – Thanks Eli. Any chance of a more hacking based series in 2015?

  6. If you watch his head, his hands start to look like they were blue

  7. If my college has disabled cmd can i use this to reactivate it ?

  8. Thank you, Eli.
    You are a so good teacher that you could be here teaching programming (if you wouldn't mind).
    Referring to the REGEDIT… you really didn't tell what's the best way to avoid problems with hacking and all that dirty stuff.
    You could say: IF you don't want interference in your computer, then do ……(this) !
    Exporting that stuff to the Desktop… prevents problems ?

    Now… for a brilliant guy that you are… HOW do you avoid that stuff of unwanted advertising and browser hacking…. and all that shit, that put our computer fast as a turtle ?
    IF you please… you are in command !
    Thank you again, and keep here with us.

  9. All the V for Vendetta masks in the comments make me laugh.

  10. I thought you may know,
    I have corrupted files of different format, they were damaged after i burned them to a DVD Disk, is there a way to fix them?

  11. the first 9 mins could have been summed up in 2 mins………. so repetitive
    , but thanks for the video i did learn something

  12. using The.Matrix.Logic;
    Blue pill = damage computers
    Red pill = secure computer
    Green pill = fix computer that have been broken

    1.Choose your poison:Green pill
    2.Make a reason (1):$$$ + ( Green pill: Work < Red pill:Work && Blue pill:State=Bad )

  13. Wow! I learned a new thing I love this guy

  14. you should make a video on how to get the regtools back

  15. xp does prompt you unless you add a reg command switch to not display the prompt

  16. this is great. i love the crow in the background too. 

  17. Ok I have a window 7 and when I open window I can see control panel in the corner but that blank inside what can I do 

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