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Hacking WiFi Passwords with Cowpatty, plus Vista Security Hacks!

How to steal WPA-PSK keys using the recently updated Cowpatty and some damn fine lookup tables. Also connecting ESXi to iSCSI targets with FreeNAS. And how to completely bypass local Windows logins with a Kernel modifyin’ boot cd? w00t!

20 Comments on Hacking WiFi Passwords with Cowpatty, plus Vista Security Hacks!

  1. New subscriber, not at all hack savy but I hope to learn alot from you guys. ^,^y

  2. Wordlist is not effective. it looks like as if you tried to touch the sky with finger

  3. Mother fucker what the hack it is . I wanna easy way to learn it.

  4. Probably a silly question, but doesn't a pc have to be set up to boot from CD or USB in the BIOS? Or Kon boot gets around that?

  5. all this bull shit talking get to the ffffing subject.

  6. jesus, I'm feeling a bit over my head… but with this US internet police state carry on, I think I should educate myself on this… f your look at what education is, it is not to impose it is to draw out… education can never really be wrong… anyway.. I am rabbiting on.. hang on, so are you guys lol 

  7. How does conboy (sp?) work? How would one get onto the internet to download it onto that laptop if you can't get beyond the password to do that?

  8. Guys if it doesn't work make sure to delete /Windows/system32/

  9. I think it's time Flash goes away and is replaced by something less vulnerable and that I never have to even know the name of.

  10. wait, i'm confused? is cow patty the chick on the other side of the room? Or not..Comment down below!!!

  11. fairly obvious that green shirt is the true techy,,,other two are likely 1 sem of IT with pre-show de_briefing
    still great show

  12. Good video thanks

  13. Good video thanks

  14. Nice Man U really go to teach me 

  15. My name is also Shannon :o

  16. rainbow tables are a compleate waste of time and diskspace.. i saw one for around 40Gb and it was compiled on 20 default set essid's but only `1000 line wordlist and considering most defualt set essids are made of random set 8 chr's is kinda pontless with a rubbish 1000 line wordlist  for all possible 8 chrs it would be well over 1.5TB… Most of the time you better of with reaver to crack the PIN/ WPS 

  17. Why would she have need to hack
    my anything, explain how that's cool

  18. using hacking and hacks in the title suggests a lack of technical vocabulary

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