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Hacking with Android – Apps that you can use to “Hack” or do some cool tricks on a network

These are two apps that you can use to play some cool tricks on your friends at their houses when you’re connected to their network. It’s a lot of fun but be sure to use it WISELY and NOT illegally..and if you do, don’t blame me! lol..check it out.

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50 Comments on Hacking with Android – Apps that you can use to “Hack” or do some cool tricks on a network

  1. LINKS UPDATED! Thanks to all of you who notified me about it. For those claiming it doesn't work, just try it and you'll see 🙂 Really glad you guys are enjoying the video!

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  12. Do you need your phone rooted?

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  14. Thought this was a song

  15. Network Spoofer doesn't work

  16. Do this apps need root

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  19. Bro, what's the name of your phone. That you're using in this video.

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  21. were do you live

  22. My name is Devon to

  23. what kind of phone is that? (model number please?)

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  28. my antivirus told me that both of these apps contain viruses. DO NOT INSTALL

  29. your keyboard looks sick! Thanks for the video!

  30. i'm gonna use that network spoffer to change the website that my brother usually used to study into porn hub…..

  31. You should mention that it work only on rooted devices. Wifikill

  32. I Love My School…. EVIL LAUGH

  33. In new update there is no adblock

  34. I mean he Just plugged in the network cable….I'm just saying

  35. I have a rooted OnePlus 3 and network spoofer isn't working for me??

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  39. Can you do one for IPhone? ~o8>

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  41. how to find near one ip address?

  42. What is the link for the appstore

  43. Next video Some more close-ups on the phone

  44. I just pranked my entire house into listening to nyan cat while they tried to gigure out what was wrong!

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