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Hacking your Modem for unlimited speed

RATE!!!!!!! PLASE!!

Beginners can use DOCSIS Diagnosis utility:

Beginners can use SNMPWALK Tool
You can download this from:

Use docsis tool which you can download from :

Download TFTP Server software and host TFTP server in your computer
You can download TFTP server…

44 Comments on Hacking your Modem for unlimited speed

  1. Yeah cause everyone knows wtf ur doing

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  9. what is the password to extract the files from rar file please ?

  10. There you increase your net speed hack no no! If you want high speed net ptr pays a higher speed but there is no program to speed tomers understand this!! That comes with the complaint and password mediafire and has nor wants the money goes!!!!!

  11. now its 574 vs 573 hehehe

  12. And again another one that is not working!
    Take the internet speed-up program from SKIDROW instead. They are a very popular hacking group. You can get it here for free:

  13. UPDATE it to hack Netgear

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  16. Aint NoBody Got Time For Dat

  17. How to make your internet speed fast

    1. Blackmail your internet service provider's manager to get maximum speed

    2. Go home and enjoy it (if u use the phone u dont have to use this step)

  18. where i downlod TFTP Server software bcz your link is not open so tell me

  19. when i buy a new router will the mb get up ??

  20. How to increase internet speed:
    1.Destroy your computer
    2.Buy a new computer

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  22. plese make a video 1

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  24. Please make a video for how to use any of above tools u mentioned either DOCSIS or snmpwalk tool or any other Tool. Please make a video. Respond to it.

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