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Hacks Weekly #10: How to Recover Deleted Files from the Drive?

In this tutorial we’re going to do a little bit of Forensics (this is my favourite part, I’m totally geeking out here). At the end of this episode you’ll be able to not only recover files from a disk by using PowerShell, but also to recover small files (even those that could have been potentially overwritten).

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6 Comments on Hacks Weekly #10: How to Recover Deleted Files from the Drive?

  1. Really great Tutorial thanks a lot…..

  2. Seriously, every video you post on YT has shity audio. Learn how to make video turorials or stick to the blogs without AV content.

  3. audio quality is awful. the audio is not from the microphone you had on you. even in the second part its to quiet. i

  4. Hello, Paula!

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  5. Thank you Paula, great tutorial, thank you. i wish i could attend your up coming class but here in Portugal we have low salary's :(, public service doesn´t pay as well as private 🙁

  6. You really need to work on the audio, I can barely hear anything.

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