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High Download Speed Utorrent Setting 2017 -Torrent Tricks

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39 Comments on High Download Speed Utorrent Setting 2017 -Torrent Tricks

  1. Thanks man it want 300 kb/s to 25kb/s THANKKK YOUU MOTHERFUCKERRRRRRR!!!!!!!

  2. hes just showing the default settings not changing anything dumbass. change outgoing to forced and maximum number of connected peers to 200 well thats according to skidrow

  3. thanks it worked . it has worked from 1.2 kbps to 612 kbps thanks tooo much

  4. My download speed is 1.2kb????

  5. it went from 2.3mb/s to 5.2mb/s tyvm

  6. fuck u it dosent work it slows my speed to 22kbps

  7. fuck you bitch!!!

  8. Fuck u 🙂 It's even worse than before…I hate u:)

  9. its work its work the dislike button work fuck

  10. if you do what this fucking dumb ass do at 3:01 you download will be at 100 ko stupid fucker learn what you do before making a tutorial

  11. Thanks man this def worked for me
    had a friend here was getting 50kb a sec now 500kb a sec LEGEND!!

  12. it worked for me. thks man

  13. thank u very much for the 1.2kb/s

  14. Best utorrent settings: Leave everything alone

  15. Come on, this is a perfect example of how NOT to set µTorrent to work the best. Sorry folks, you'll have to find another tutorial, if you want Torrent to work at all. This tut. is worthless, and I don't get, why it's uploaded in the first place.

  16. i have version 3.4.9, upload settings to that version … or is 3.4.8 better ? what version is better ????

  17. thanks for 1.kb

    FUCK U

  18. help me it didn't work please

  19. Works for me. So from 50 kbps, it's now at 1mbps. Thanks bro. 🙂

  20. It became slower than before.Before it was 320 kbps, Now is max 11 kbps!!!!

  21. 360kb to 250kb thanks

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