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Honor 7X: Tips, Tricks & Best Hidden Features

Our Honor 7X tips and tricks guide reveals some of the best hidden features of this five-star phone, buried away inside EMUI and Android.

The Honor 7X boasts a brilliant blend of Android OS and Huawei’s Emotion UI 5.1, which means there’s a fountain of awesome features geysering forth from every orifice. Here’s some of the best bits of this Honor smartphone, including how to activate the apps tray, how to improve one-handed use, adapting apps to the 18:9 full-sized screen, customising…

50 Comments on Honor 7X: Tips, Tricks & Best Hidden Features

  1. In my experience, honor is the worst phone available in the market. It is a substandard local phone……

  2. The only cons are it doesn't support 5ghz WiFi and Bluetooth controller support for PS4 controller

  3. how do i make the home screen infinite loop

  4. Make. Vid how to remove ads from a honor 6x because I will want it to be gone

  5. Ugh nothing I didn't know already

  6. What's the name of the first game he played?

  7. Der sieht aus wie John von gzsz 🙂

  8. Is there call recording option inbuilt for honor7x

  9. Where did you get that theme??

  10. Fingerprint sensor is not working….. Bhnchod 2 month me he nai chalra fingerprint sensor

  11. Vary nice video ????????????

  12. Help me in notification problem

    Problem is you tube's notifications gets cleare once i press the power off buttton n that moment only if i unlock it its get cleared.

  13. Volte not working my honer 7x ????

  14. There is no floating Dock after software update…..!

  15. How to set contact image in honour 7x …can u say anyone

  16. Watching on my nova 2 lite

  17. Thanks for all the updates

  18. Bad Display. My display broken

  19. Can you point me in the direction where you found that Cowboy Beep Bop wallpaper for the 7x aspect ratio ? 😀

  20. Honor 7x guest mode started

  21. Which is version is use in 7x honour.. Tell me

  22. I dont have the floating indicator…. Why

  23. I have no need for an app drawer tbh Ieave the bloat wear on my phone anyway I have 3 different 'random folders'(I have other folders ofc) one for ones I use often a second for one's I sometimes use and finally ones I don't use

  24. How to hide the number of outgoing call

  25. Is this phone have vibration on keyboard ?

  26. I knew all of that before watching this video.

  27. Can you do a video showing how to download music n videos on the Honor 7x

  28. Honor 7x most full Apps do

  29. Which One Is Better…?? Honor 7X Or Huawei Nova 3e…??? Plz Help!

  30. Honor 7X Or Huawei Nova 3e…??? Plz Help!

  31. Kinda infuriating how u know about my phone more than myself

  32. my honor 7x is already oreo

  33. tq recombu .. keep it up bro

  34. How to view full screen view of all you tube videos and Google chrome videos?

  35. Which phone is best to buy honor 7x or honor 9 lite?? Suggest please

  36. So where can I find that wallpaper?

  37. dose it has gyroscope sensor after oreo update? 360° video

  38. how to record screen.. help

  39. Please try downloading March of empires on Huawei 7x and tell me if it works

  40. I wish I had this phone

  41. Plz tell me how to set 2or3 finger print in honor 7x

  42. I had sex with ur sis

  43. I legit knew all of these already 😛

  44. I Want To Reset Home Screen Layout IN 7X

  45. Awesome video brother…..This video gives me…..what i wish

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