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How to access Admin accounts at School, Work, College etc (Full Tutorial) Method 1

Holidays are nearly over so in this tutorial I decided to show you guys my methods of getting on to admin accounts and changing your own accounts to administrators on your Work, School, College computers. This is a full in depth tutorial and is part 1 of 3 tutorials. Method 1 in this tutorial and Method 2 in the next tutorial. Part 3 will show you how to get around locked desktop backgrounds and more.

This is for Windows 7 computers however I have other tutorials that will work on Windows 8…

34 Comments on How to access Admin accounts at School, Work, College etc (Full Tutorial) Method 1

  1. idk why but sticky key exploit looks so simply

  2. m8 you just make a rainbow table and crack the pw ez

  3. m8 when i was a script kiddie i booted my school and got caught……Cops almost called cuz they didn't have internet for 1h!

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  5. ask your teacher to log in, look at the password, done

  6. Thx so much now I can play roblox alllll day

  7. Where this all been in my whole life?

    I was using hiren's boot,


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  9. Hi thnx I told my teacher first of all he didn’t understand what the heck was this but was impressed. That I could hack!

  10. Or you could save a whole lot of time and download the Locksmith ISO, make it a bootable USB and boom!

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  14. XD i did this and i am suspended for 2 weeks but i got STARWARS PLAYING ON CMD prompt 😀

  15. This doesn’t work if they block CMD which my school has

  16. Username: Admin Password: Admin 22 minutes to explain

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  18. in cmd just use "net user user_name  new_password"

  19. Thx Now I can install adobe reader.

  20. My homeschooling place shut down so , I’m going to try and bypass the security on it. And if I break it idc cause they not getting it back ????

  21. How do we get that bar on top of the screen

  22. I know the admin password

  23. you know i wasted some of my time just to sign in to my account and give a comment and like to that good video sir that means respect to you ^_^

  24. now i can go on pornhub at school(jk)

  25. does this work in 2018

  26. does this work in 2018

  27. does this work in 2018

  28. does this work in 2018

  29. What happens if i take system restore? Will i be able to get into the computer just like a normal computer?

  30. I keep restarting and it doesn't say troubleshoot.

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