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How to Achieve Inbox Zero – 4 Email Productivity Hacks

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Email is kind of like a hydra. Answer one, and two more will take its place. And for the longest time, my overflowing inbox was a significant cause of stress in my life.

But over the past couple of years, I’ve learned how to get…

50 Comments on How to Achieve Inbox Zero – 4 Email Productivity Hacks

  1. My work email has 1800 emails in it. I flag them and forget them. whoops

  2. Keeping your correspondence email separate from your login email is a BRILLIANT idea! I wish someone had suggested that YEARS ago!!!

  3. My inbox is always empty because I'm always archiving or having rules in the right folders.

  4. Elon Musk be like "….Ok" *anxiously turns his notifications back on *

  5. My company makes me use outlook. Do you have a video that deals with outlook and task managers?

  6. “We see emails in our inbox; we know we have to respond to them, but to respond to them we have to do like 18 other things. There’s this whole process. As a result, the inbox tends to pile up.” No truer words were ever spoken! This can also apply to the ones we don’t have to respond to and plan to delete, but forget to because there’s other things we’d rather be doing.

  7. When he mentioned the Final Fantasy Forum account… it was like he was speaking directly to me…

  8. GORGEOUS Castlevania® Poster.

  9. Hilarious intro dude… We all get it.. About to do my morning meditation

  10. Liked 4 Homestar Runner

  11. I don't know about other people but I regularly check my email, so if it's not marked as unread I know ive already read it and just leave it in the inbox. To me archiving is useless and does nothing but add another step. What's the difference between scrolling down to the end of your unread emails and seeing your read emails listed there, or scrolling down and seeing nothing? If I want to look at an email I read a few days ago I just scroll farther and see it there rather than having to switch folders. Anything further than a few days ago I just search for it and it's there. Archiving adds nothing for me.

  12. OMG HOMESTAR RUNNER!!! Strongbad had a ton of emails.

  13. we got the same hoodie

  14. I m sbek englsh is not Vera good so I Love you

  15. Not using the inbox as an archive is….mind blowing.

  16. You're the best youtuber ever

  17. Где перевод на русский?)

  18. Can you make a video about how to concentrate better?

  19. gmail is doing for you automatically

  20. I archive emails that I consider to be "milestones."
    It's that simple.

  21. Я что одна сюда зашла??

  22. Can you pls explain why do they say 1/n series sum is infinite but 1/n2 is not…I mean, 1/n2 is obvious, but that other n also practically goes to 0 so eventually series ends…only it doesn't…but 1/n2 doesn't either you just know its never over 1 so you know its not infinite….what I'm confused about is, why if the series doesn't converge we say its infinite? I can't speak english that well or write formulas, im talking about 1/2+1/3+1/4 … vs 1/2+1/4+1/16 … Intuitively I feel both sums should be finite, but apparently first one isnt and second one is, only because you can pin point its converging point and first one diverges…I looked up solutions on the Internet before bugging first math channel to help me understand this ofc. and I'm not satisfied with the proofs they give you. Did anyone plug in a super large number like 10^100 for n and see what the sum result is? I bet it wasn't even above 5.

  23. Hello .. I am a new beginner on YouTube I wish you support me and thank you all????

  24. 'A day in the life video' please, please, please, please

  25. Should i get information from wikipidia or youtube

  26. Please translat arabic ❤

  27. YOU TALK 2 MUCH!!!

  28. Can we get your top 10 best To-do making apps in 2019 please?

  29. Thomas your videos always motivate me thank you so much!!!

  30. "Before making their yoga coffee meditation" ????????????

  31. Where have you got this awesome desktop background? I saw two blog posts, but both were pretty old. So where can I get this? I love it!

  32. Why use Dashlane when there is Keepass for free?

  33. I've used Microsoft's suite of products since the DOS days and I've never had an issue. However, I'm way to attached to Outlook for email, calendar and task reminders and OneNote for journaling and tracking other things that are important. I'm not sure it's really safe for my most sensitive information so I've started using a more secure setup for my financial accounts. In short, it exists on an older laptop which has the Slackware distribution of Linux installed on it and it is locked down really tight. To make it even more secure, I only turn it on when I need to track expenses or pay bills. Even if a hacker was parked in my driveway and saw it come online, they wouldn't have time to hack in before it would be off again.

  34. Can you please explane what engineering physics is? Please

  35. I need me a hot nerd like Thomas. Anyways great video!

  36. Hooray for Stong Bad email clip. Do you (or anyone) find gmail’s social, primary, promotion, etc. tabs useful? I’ve been using them and generally find them helpful.

  37. [TIP] Very good content, as always, congrats Thomas.
    Though, I'd like to add one small thing about passwords… I didn't know about anything such as dashlane, so I created an algoritm, basically it's just a certain number of steps that you can create following your imagination. In my case, I created some steps based on the name of the website or the company in which I'm logging in. So instead of having to remember many passwords, I just have to remember 6 to 10 steps to apply to each and every account of mine, and I'll never have a password repeated anywhere. Hope this helps somebody, cheers from Brazil.

  38. Dashlane had a massive password leak a few years ago. I wouldn't trust it.

  39. I never thought about using a different email for business and passwords. Such a great tip!!! Implementing that today

  40. I mean, what is up with everyone doing yoga coffee mediation??????

  41. Yep, I’ve got an inbox with about 2,000 emails that I’ve been dreading to sort through and take care of. Something Sucky about being a college freshman adult.

  42. It’s almost confusing, I don’t know why confusing but that seems like the right word, how attractive he is.

  43. That Homestar Runner snippet was a pleasant surprise

  44. Every once and a while, my email can get out of control. This video has lots of new tips that I am definitely going to use!

  45. It’s crazy how fast emails can pile up. I’ve been a Zero Inboxer for 10 years. It does NOT require expertise. Just a few rules. I did a few vids on this with a 15 min daily challenge and have been loving how many women have done it! Literally from 80k down to almost nothing in a week! ???????????? #ditchthedistraction

  46. That 28% was orignianlly from research in 2012. With the global move to more 'knowledge' work and Virtual teams, I wouldn't be surprised that it would be higher. I've been working in public service for over 10 years, and in that time my face to face vs communication via emails has changed dramatically. I have no doubt it would be more extreme in the public service.

  47. is incrediblyhelpful for unsubscribing

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