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How to Amazon Workspaces Tutorial – Step by Step [AskJoyB]

How to Amazon Workspaces Tutorial – Step by Step
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With many people choosing to purchase web based computers, such as Chromebooks and iPads along with the fact that more and more institutions are implementing “Bring Your Own Device” programs, it is harder and harder to find computers to download programs on. Amazon Workspaces provides tablets, smartphones, and most…

35 Comments on How to Amazon Workspaces Tutorial – Step by Step [AskJoyB]

  1. Thank you – I like … you made it so simple

  2. Hi Joy,
    Could you please guide me if this AWS could be used for the software development purposes. I am looking for 4 developers to work on the project. Guide me from where could I get the SDK's for the development.
    As mentioned a number of users can be permitted access to the system, so I have to require a single license for AWS or how does that work.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Smruti Ranjan Panda

  3. Thank you – very helpful

  4. Hi Joy,
    Nice briefing abt the workspaces. Do hv any idea how to manage workspaces from CLI or terraform? Can you point me to some handy docs for this?
    Updt: I used aws cli to start stop terminate workspaces. Looking for terraform kind of stuff to manage it.

  5. hi, is AWS workspaces a PaaS platform based or IaaS?

  6. What about the internet bandwidth inside the workspace is it chargable or free.?.. Which technology does this workspace is using in Backend..

  7. Hi Joy
    Thank you so much for nice tutorial.
    Have a question here ..

    How can I setup two users —
    One with admin access all copy paste of files allowed from other machines into ( or other way) AWS workspace desktop.

    Another user only can access AWS workspace and work in it and NO copy paste of files allowed from (or other way ) another outside machine.

    How above can be achieved?

    Thnx in adv !!!

  8. Thanks for great video. Very informative.

  9. Ok….ok…..ok…ok…ok

  10. I'm getting error while launching the workspace after the login credentials.

  11. Does the logged on user gets Admin rights on the workspace desktop? What if the end user would like to install some apps on the VD on his/her own? Is that possible by default or that can be also managed from admin side?

  12. Nice Video, how to control the browsing on this machine? i do not want my employee to browse everything, is there any URL filtering solution that works with Workspace?

  13. Thanks, is it possible to login in work space using domain users ?

  14. You have explained very well bro. Keep launching new aws videos.

  15. Are you going to do a video on installing an application(s) in Amazon WAM Studio to Amazon Player? This would be a good next video after this one 🙂

  16. Where do you set password for the user ??

  17. How to connect and configure workspaces with AWS EC2 service ?

  18. A very informative video – It explained all I needed to know about the process to decide whether this is indeed what I am looking for… Many thax )))

  19. Do you need to worry about Microsoft licencing?

  20. How to Amazon workspaces great use of grammar xD

  21. How do you add google chrome???

  22. okay ?? naa lavada okay ??

  23. Nice video. But you are keep saying 'Ok Ok Ok'. Try to reduce if possible

  24. Cool video Joy. Very simple and accurate explanation. Would love to see more such technocool stuffs from you ☺

  25. Nice info. Is it possible to access EC2 service with workspace

  26. Joy I’ve set up my workspace but now i need to put Eclipse IDE or other applications on the desktop, I’ve tried for days but can’t seem to figure it out.

  27. very informative, thanks Joy.

  28. I am getting amazon workspace directory unavailable error . I dont know whats the solution for this . Can you explain it

  29. informative, thanks for sharing

  30. Great video Joy! I have couple of questions please:
    1. Is the public ip address you get is shared among all workspace customers? Or each customer get a unique ip?
    2. When you have another employee log in to a different account, are we sharing the same server/ip/storage?
    3. Can you configure where the server is running? USA/Australia/Europe? Or is it automatically set?

  31. There is charge for directory services.

  32. Can you use your webcam with this workspace?

  33. great tutorial & walkthrough on amazon workspaces! Started using this VPS a few days ago and I love it! Also something cool is that you can use amazon workspaces with "samsung DEX"

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