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How To Beat Flappy Bird (Best Method)

With a little patience and a steady hand, anyone can beat Flappy Bird!

20 Comments on How To Beat Flappy Bird (Best Method)

  1. Fuck Video Games!!!

  2. wtf is wrog with you man

  3. i love at the end when he says all calm "i hate that game"

  4. there's an imposter pewdiepie on the loose is he a ha

  5. I'm gonna try that

  6. control your shit man and I don't know y the fuck people get all crazy and shit just for a game

  7. thx it worked :D

  8. instead of taping leta beat up with a hammer who is with me

  9. Fkn waist of fkn money

  10. Wtf was that!!!

  11. If you want to play a more fun game than Flappy Bird get Tappy Jetpack:

    If you enjoyed playing 1 button tap games, you will enjoy this 2 button tap game called Tappy Jetpack.

    Compete against others for the best score on Game Center.


    Tap anywhere on screen to keep Jetman up

    Tap Jetman to fire laser beam to destroy aliens

  12. why u braked down your phone man,,…
    it was samsung.

  13. This is amazing.

  14. oh thats why he those that phone

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