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33 Comments on How to change the Admin Password using CMD

  1. this is the router admin password right?

  2. You were already in an administrator account so it would not work if not in an administrator account

  3. When i try to put in the password nothing comes up on the screen. Like if i type a number or letter in the create a password bar it wont come up help please!

  4. It is showing access denied . What to do now

  5. how may i check my router admin password please?

  6. You have open CMD on administrator you cant if you are not administrator that so bad!!!!

  7. i have a question .. how to open cmd by shortcut ways ? plz help me that

  8. when i type password it says access denied

  9. does it work for windows 10?

  10. what's error 5

  11. WHY is everyone so stupid… You are already an admin, that's the only reason this works. Whats the point in hacking an admin if your already admin…>!

  12. acsess denided -_-

  13. I can change those password under user accounts too… this only works when your account has full admin rights.

  14. when a administrator name is pc 205 .this trick is not working

  15. i need help. so i know how to change the password but how do i change it back to the original?

  16. I have question @Satpal Sood write to me

  17. kya aap mikrotik server ko hack karsakte hai to mai aap chanel ka subscribe karunga with 5 id

  18. ap log video record karte hai to thoda cleare rakha karo

  19. access denied. system 5 has occured 🙁

  20. your channel is good it just needs more subscribers ????

  21. when i try to change password it says " System error 5 has occurred. " then " Access is denied. " What do i do?

  22. what is that little thing you put tho

  23. does it work is you are not an administrator?

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